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Insane 275 lb Wrestling Match

This year’s 275 lb New York State Division 1 Champion was an absolutely BEAST. Easily the best physical specimen at the NYS Tourney. He would easily be in the top 1% of all T-Nation readers physique and strength wise. The dude’s arms were the size of most wrestlers’ necks and his legs split his singlet.

The crazy thing was that he weighed 202 lbs a week State qualifiers and had to GAIN 13 lbs to be able to wrestle 275 (you have to weigh at least 215 to wrestle 275), which he did mostly through milk shakes and chugging last mintue water. He’s about 5’11. Talk about relative strenght.

He bumped because he couldn’t take his teammate at 215, who ended up taking 2nd in Junior Nationals and 2nd in the States. At the States he wrestled legit 275 lbers who suck down to make 275 and made them look like boys. I’m pretty sure he pinned everybody until the States. He SUPLEXED a sumo-esque 275 lber in the quarterfinals like it was a pro-wrestling match right onto his neck but kept it under control so it was legal. After the “kid” hit the ground it looked like he had literally killed him because he didn’t move for a few seconds. The video doesn’t do his body justice, but shows how “small” he was compared to the dudes he wrestled. Anyhow, enough with the rant.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RA_3lGiz5w

saw it. His teammate at 215 was beast, and I remember the 215lb championship being a battle. Seems like he lost after the escape, he stopped wrestling for a few seconds and paid for it with a takedown.

some sharp technique there, especially with being so obviously outweighed. his opponent pretty much performed like a big slug.

how’d section 6 do overall? that’s my old stomping grounds.

[quote]wressler125 wrote:
saw it. His teammate at 215 was beast, and I remember the 215lb championship being a battle. [quote]

You thought the 215 lb final was that close? It wasn’t a blow out, but it looked like his opponent kept him under control. At any rate, it was a clash of titans.

When I went to state as a junior in highschool I saw some of the freakiest looking guys out there. The lighter guy was very well conditioned and obviously very strong for his BW. Little guy was very solid with his technique and knew his leverages, that looked like the key. Waited til big man got winded and used his leverages to get the points.

Big man went into the match obviosuly with the intention of outmuscling him. Didn’t work out too well for him. He was really gassed by about the 5 minute mark in the video. But, yea in my experience guys start getting freaky looking at about 140lbs and top out at 171 with the occasional 189 and 215er looking down right mutant.

Some of the lighter guys look a solid 200 when theyre a buck 50. Others at the lighter weights are just ripped to shreds with bodyfat that couldnt be above 6%. They looked seriously close to bodybuilders a month and a half or so out.