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Ins' Transformation Log// My Journey to Semi-Professional Soccer

21.01.2021 - 70 mins SSG - medium game

We are back in the office and I have a very hard time organizing my stuff and sleeping well.
With commuting I am basically busy 11-12 hours per day.

In the SSG - I played rly well. I was hungry to run and play.

23.01.2021 Saturday

SSG 60 mins - very hard game.

Well me and a team mate played against a professional team in a small sided game. We did lose, but not so badly. It was a really good reality check on where I am at with my fitness. From a professional level - not very close, but not so bad.

Technical skills - I am almost there. My defending is better, but my ball playing and passing is not that good.

Physically - I have to work a lot. Funny thing is that I am getting faster, and I have barelly trained for speed. However I am able to sprint equally fast with players playing on my position. Obviously wingers and full backs are quicker. Change of direction and side speed is also getting faster.

24.01.2021 Sunday

SSG 70 mins - medium game

Excuse my ignorance but what is SSG ?

Small sided games usually 6x6

I measure how hard they are based on the oposition strength.

Easy being really a friendly blob just looking to run around.

Medium when there are some good players.

Hard is when everyone is good, playing amateur, semi pro or pro.

And very hard when there are mainly pros.

For example yesterday i had the oposition team with 3 pros and 3 semi pros, while ours was mostly semi pro and amateur. So i had to run extra to cover. It was really hard.

I am lucky we have a rich pro player who made his own pitch for small sided games and is organizing on a daily basis. There are lots of good players comming.

In my town which is an ex good soccer town. There are is one major pro club, and like lots of second division teams. Basically we dominate the second division with teams in it. Third division is the same. Our town has more than half the teams. It is the semi pro and i play there. Last and 4 the division there are 20 local teams and it is the amateur one.