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Inquiries and Questions on First Cycle


good day to all. i have been training for a quite a few years now, started with bodybuilding single body part and then shifted with starting strength and then 5x5 and now using defranco, westside type of training.

i am a small dude, small bones and all height of 5'5". i weighed as low as 110lbs when i was 20 while competing in boxing and muay thai. i am now 152lbs at 12-15% bf. my lifts are:

squat: 315
deadlift: 335
bench: 205

measurements are:
bicep: 15in flexed
waist: 30in
quads: 22in
calf: 14in

i have 10vials of 250test e and im planning to use it at 250mg/week for 1-10weeks. i have dbol and planning to use it as a kick starter for week 1-4 at 15-30mg. my pct is clomid at 50mg, going to use it 1week or 2weeks after my last shot. i have hcg at 5000iu although i dont know how to use it yet due to the numerous conflicting ideas about it that i have read.

is 250mg of test e a good 1st cycle? many have suggested to use 500mg, but if i have 10vials, ill be using it only for 5weeks. can order though if needed. and how do i use the hcg? is my pct plan okay? thank you for any replies. good or bad. :slightly_smiling:


How big are your vials of test e? 10ml? What is the concentration => number of mg/ml. I am thinking they may be amps of 1ml each at 250mg/ml.If they are amps, then you have enough for 10 weeks at 250mg/w or 5 weeks at 500mg/w.

I would go with 8 weeks of 500mg/w ideally with a front load on day1 to get blood level up to desired level much quicker. That would call for 600mg on day1 followed by 2x/w (mon morning/thurs afternoon or evening) for the remainder of your cycle.

Make sure to get some Adex to keep estrogen under control as both test e and dbol aromatise significantly. I would go with at least 0.5mg/d adex while on both dbol and test e and then at least 0.25mg/d when on test e alone.

Reconstitute your HCG with bacteriostatic water. I suggest adding just 2 ml of the water to the HCG powder. That will yield 20 x 0.1ml doses at 250IU each. To measure out 0.1ml dose fill an insulin needle to the 10 mark (first main line). You can use a 50cc insulin needle for this.

If your HCG came in an amp, you may not have the space to add the full 2ml right away. In that case add 1ml to disolve the powder and then transfer it to a sterile vial (5 ml size is plenty) and add another 1 ml of bacteriostatic water once the trasfer of HCG is done. That way you have diluted 5000iu with 2 ml. You can use a 3ml syringe to do the reconstituting.

HCG dose can range between 250iu twice a week to 250iu EOD. I use EOD and it works great for me.

PCT should start 2 weeks after final test enan injection.


Seeing as you only have 2500mg of Test, then you could run the following:

Wk1-8 300mg Test E/wk (150mg 2x/wk)

Dose 270mg on the first day and 150g on the 4th.
Then continue with 1500mg 2x/wk thereafter.
This will 'frontload' the cycle achieving a peak dose faster than it would have been if left to build up over time, being as effective as a longer cycle but in less time.

If you are not adverse to buying more, as you suggested - then it wouldn't be a waste.
Using 500mg for 8 weeks with a 750mg frontload the first shot would be a hell of an improvement on my suggestion OR your first plan. It is also not too crazy for a first cycle (these days at least).

Adding dbol is great too.. but may get confusing as you try to determine what drug is doing what - especially if it comes to sides.. that said, it isn't difficult to drop an oral and see what happens.

The PCT is fine.. clomid is usually dosed in periods of 10 days, and also frontloaded. A typical clomid PCT may look like:

Day1 150mg
Day2-11 100mg
Day12-21 50mg

You will need to use an AI as DH suggested, but his dose recommendations are likely the minimum you need. I personally would need ~0.7mg with 200mg Dbol and 500mg Test, and 0.5mg with 500mg test. I knew one guy who needed to up his Adex to 1mg a week with Boldenone (very mild when it comes to estrogen conversion), Test and dbol all in moderate dosages.
Conversely i need only 0.25mg of letro with 200mg dbol and 1000mg test.. so it is all very personal to the individual.

If you are ordering an AI, then you may as well get more Anabolics.. seeing as they ARE the meat and potatoes of a cycle!

HCG is best used during a cycle generally speaking, and i would include it like this:

Wk1-beginning of PCT: 250iu 3x/wk


If you have 5000iu of HCG in a glass ampoule, then you would do well to add 2ml of the solvent to it (or Bacteriostatic water). This will provide 2500iu per ml, and 250iu per 0.1ml (or confusingly 250iu per 10iu - please ignore this!)

Good job i am bored out of my skull.


great response sir! thank you for taking the time. also, i want to ask, if i cant find any adex, what are worthy substitutes?


if i frontload the test e at 600mg on the first day, can i place the rest of the test that came from the 250mg/1ml ampule to a sterile vial and use for another injection day? thanks


Aromasin or Letrozole.. Aromasin is dosed around 10-25mg/day and Letrozole is dosed around 0.25-1mg a day IME.



You could use a sterile vile,however I think a better idea would be to leave any unused portion in the syringe and change the needle if you have spares on hand.


oh ok. i guess leaving it in the vial and using it the next time is a good idea. thanks mates for the inquiries. sir brook, i just want to know regarding the frontload, wont 750 of initial frontload be too much? a question for everyone else also, is 500mg/week of test enth really a good cycle to start with? im not questioning anyone's knowledge, im actually glad you guys are taking the time here, i just want to know what are the main benefits and differences in starting with a 500mg of test. thanks again.


i mean compared to a conservative 250mg of test. thanks


On reflection, i believe 650 would be ample.. no more no less.


Simply put.. Testosterone's results are dose dependant.