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Here's where I stand now
6'2" ~205lbs been training for close to 15 years, only recently started paying any attention to nutrition.


Need more/better pics to properly evaluate. Back, legs, most muscular...not to put you down, but I would expect more for 15yrs of training, just my opinion.


i have to agree. 15 years? honestly it could not have been very hard or consistant training.


Indeed a part of it was off and on. I started when I was 14. I was about 6' ~165 back then so I did gain close to 40 lbs of muscle since. I've tried different variations, traditionnal 3 set full body, HIT, max-OT, superslow (that DID retard progress), J-reps. Tweaking volume, frequency, intensity, Heavy, lighter, machines, free weights... Nothing makes a perceptible difference in effectiveness, progress always comes very slowly.

Strength gains were always alright. I can chin myself with 100lbs hanging from my waist from a dead hang for 2 reps, do 6-12 reps with the whole weightstack of several atlantis machines.

The last bit of the equation I never really paid very good attention too was nutrition, I'm trying a variant of the V-diet to try and cut down to sub 10% bf, and then I'll try to follow scot abel's diet advice.

If that fails too, I guess the only resort I'll have is to shell out the cash to hire a trainer.


Dude don't listen to any haters when it comes to the 15 years. When everyone first starts they have no clue so at 14 yrs old you probably didn't. Then from lets say 20-29 you have probably been off and on. Great job so far, I'd say aim for consistency, post workout nutririon and if you want to get "bigger" dont worry about your bf % so much.... just lift.


what haters? i wasn't intending to put down the guy down nor was the previous poster i believe. we were simpy stating our opinions. my we're touchy :slightly_smiling:

and to the OP, i was an on and off'er for almost 25 years! but 2 years ago i really committed myself to train and eat with super consistancy and i'm now in the best shape of my life and soon to be 40. so just stop fuckin around and learn all you can about training and eating and be relentless in both areas. if that dosen't work, i don't know what does.


Indeed, I posted the picture because I wanted an honest opinion. I didn't take your comments the wrong way at all. I too am somewhat dissatisfied with my progress (aren't we all?).

I guess I'm finally admitting to myself that admitting that lifting "recreationally" however how long you do it will only get you part of the way there.

On a brighter note I too am in the best shape of my life, now going on 30. So I guess although it's not working as fast as I had hoped, something is indeed slowly working.

Like Thib said in his latest article, lifting consistently is easier, because it only requires 3-5h/week. Proper nutrition though, is a full time endeavour.


I wasn't hating on anything. I was merely giving my honest opinion.


40 pounds in 15 years? thats pretty damn good




end of the day, you gained 40 pounds of muscle and look good. so why worry :slight_smile: One lesson I learned (the hard way) is sometimes youve got to endure some fat gain to put on mass and strength. TRy reading Berardi's "solving the post workout puzzle" on this site.


this is rate my physique not critique me for not making the best gains I could have.

Honestly you look ok, bicep is obviously lacking size as well as lats. Some more pics like back and legs be good thing to add also.