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Input Please

I have a bottle of 100mg/ml Winny V and was wondering if this means I would only need a shot every 3 or 4 days? If I’m doing an 8 week cycle of Primo 300mg/week and Winny 150 mg/week, do I still need nolvadex and clomid?

Your doses are on the low side of what i would consider useful. Winstrol is usually administered every other day or every second day. Every 3rd or 4th day is pushing it. Winstrol’s half life is not very long. With your proposed dosing regimen, you’re going to have too many peaks and valleys, which is not beneficial. Some people will even inject every day to maintain a good concentration.

The rule of thumb i usually quote is 50mg winstrol depot eod is a good starting point. You may alter it slightly up or down to fit your needs.

Neither primobolan or winstrol aromatize, so estrogen will not be of concern. They are mildly suppressive, so clomid or nolvadex post cycle would help, however with the doses you are using something along the lines of tribulus or one of the biotest products could likely do the trick. I’d generally recomend that if you are using real pharmaceuticals on your cycle, then you need real pharmaceuticals to recover. If nolva/clomid is available, a mild therapy would help.


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Winny has no ester but, is crystalized. As soon as the crystals break down the drug levels in your blood drop almost emidately…Or atleast that is what I have read. Winny’s half life is only about 9hrs so when I start mine in a week and a half I will take 20mg 2x ed to keep my blood levels as even as possible.
I would also say to up the primo if you can afford it and starting with a good front load of it wouldn’t hurt much either. Also give some thought to starting your winny 2 or more weeks into your cycle so you can get every possible amount of synergy between your two drugs.