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Input Please. HGH as a Bridge Between AAS Cycles


is this possible? plausible? would there be sides or would it harm recovery from aas? I've been doing research but can't seem to find much usefull information, and after counltess hours I'm getting a little frustrated.
Can any advanced users chime in please? It sure would be useful as fck! post cycle..dropping water retantion as well as fat accumulated while on cycle. I have another 7 weeks ON 750mg Test/week, will do standard nolva PCT. But after I'd like to give HGH a shot just to mobilize fat deposits, rather then BBBs HGH protocol. Thats coming later on in the year :wink:

any input much appreciated as always.


Not gunna claim advanced status....

But I'm currently using GHRP/GHRH as part of my PCT (serving recovery and anticatabolic purposes).

I've seen some science which shows that these peptides actually aid in recovery!

Things are progressing nicely - but then again i'm using alot of stuff for PCT



good stuff. would you mind telling me about your cycle you used? also what else are you using for PCT. After reading up, I am staying away from taper technique...runing an 7 week 1 gram/week cycle then going with standard nolva protocol. BUT, I would love something that doesnt suppress natty production and that aids in keeping strenght and mass up. we bust our asses in the gym, it kinda sucks when it starts diminishing, even with the diet supporting the newfound muscle.

llet me know your method on this please, next 3 yrs or so I'm taking a very dedicated approach to this, I'd like to know all points of views from users.



I'm not sure about this, but I think GH can increase water retention and gyno. It seems like peptides are much worse with those sides than just plain g-hormone.

I don't think there's one answer as to whether it can help with recovery (restoring natural hormone production), but I tend to think the fastest way to restore natural production is to just use nothing (other than maybe serms and HCG). It will help you keep gains during PCT, though.

I wouldn't stress too much about when you use it. Just use it when you want, and don't use too much of any PED if you want to maintain the ability to optimally produce hormones. It's like building a sand castle, if you add sand, it'll get bigger.


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No worries. Just a simply 8 week test cycle. Test E for 5 weeks then test P for 3 weeks.....around 700mg per week.

I'll share my thoughts on PCT for any of those who may be interested.

I think PCT should be an integrated approach. The biggest mistake (in my opinion) is lifting beyond your "natural RM" limits on cycle:

You don't need the heavy weights to grow on cycle, and you want to avoid an environment where you have decreasing test levels, reduced work capacity, and reduced mechanical loading.

In PCT i do my heaviest lifting. I reduce the reps, and compensate for reduced work capacity with a rest pause technique.

I also do various other things in PCT:

I LOAD creatine to offset catabolism.

GHRP6 and mod grf -1 100mcg 3x day - recovery / catabolism

I use insulin (4iu pre work out) a couple of times a week -- kudos to "bushidobadboy" -- I always have glucose tabs on hand. I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS.

i up my vitimin D intake - 10000 IU per day -- recovery

Zinc, Calcium and BCAA sup increases - recovery

As i've seen Bill mention in a recent post - i manage e2 untill my test clears with an AI, then use clomid ( i personally dont experience any of the sides some guys do).

I use vitamin c 1000mg e/d and Phosphatidylserine 800mg pre workout for cortisol management

I also eats lots of carbs protien and good fats.

thats all i can remember for now...

Hope this helps....


Tapering onto only a simple, short ester like Test P at a lower dose, say 500mg/week down from a high dose multiple compound cycle for a few weeks allowing all the longer esters to clear then running GHRP-6, a good SERM like Nolva, low dose letro or another AI as a test boost/direct estrogen control, and smart training/recover, avoiding alcohol of any kind, and keeping the cals on the high side as well as avoiding most cardio and I always come off find.

I drop the SERM, keep the peptides and AI, and run cautiously till everything seems to level out.

To be completely honest with yall there is always a low period for maybe 2 weeks, its unavoidable, no matter how complicated or what you try to run, your still recovering, dont be so obsessed with fighting it, just minimize it, eventually I feel completely normal again, but it takes about 6-7 weeks, and I am functioning at a high level within a couple of week.s

Blood work at the 4 week and 8 week marks to keep tabs, then I start trying to make natural gains agian, usually I make fairly solid progress even off cycle and usually make it back up to the level of strength I was at even on cycle after losing a bit in the PCT, I generally cycle about twice a year, not always heavy runs, but certainly a fair cycle.

This roughly translates to me keeping almost all my gains from each cycle.

I dont much care for insulin, I feel its too dangerous compared to other options at our disposal, but certainly those who are skilled in its use can make excellent usage of it during the PCT.

I don't recommend much insulin usage off cycle as fat gain without AAS always seems too great for most.


since this is the most recent HGH related thread i just wanted to post a question here,

what is the longest that one could take a "pause" from GH due to not being able to administer it? would a week be too long?

also, is there a way to know your GH is working, if being stacked with a steroid, or if the gains are all from the steroid?


I'll be honest. Most gains come from steroids. It isnt untill you are a very advanced bodybuilder that you will notice a difference using GH. If you are not a seasoned bodybuilder or lifer who has several cycles under their belt then GH may not be very benificial to your physique, and honestly can do more harm than good if you are supceptable to the abdominal distension and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have seen this from experience.

Better to fully develope to as much as possible without the aid of GH and then use the GH to spice things up, keeping fully in mind that it has side effects to your body that are permament.

This of course is all my opinion. In the meantime, it seems like there are a lot of peptides out recently that do a better job of giving you a boost while minimizing the side effects.


another thread worth saving. thank you for all your input guys. Prisoner, I'll see you on stage dude! >:open_mouth:
ha yea right