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Input on Test/Deca Cycle?


I have in my possestion test and deca. The original plan was to do the cycle below, i am scared shitless of doing Deca because i cant use propecia in the time being. i have been on propecia for 6 months and i have already noticed a decline in hairs falling out in the sink. Back when i was young and stupid i did a cycle of DBOL by itself and lost a significant ammount of hair.

If i can get good gains with just test, i will be more then happy to shelf the deca for a later cycle if i can find somthing to standin for my propecia use in the mean time.

I guess what im wondering is, if i can make some great gains by lifting and eating like an animal for 12 weeks with just test and an AI? here is the current cycle, i approach week 2 on monday.

Also, is it better to break my larger mid cycle doses up into seperate days of the week? i have never seen that posted anywhere.

Deca one cc every week(whole cycle)
test one cc first two weeks
week 3 and 4 2 and a half ccs of test
Week 5 and 6 3 ccs of test
Week 7 and 8 2 and a half ccs of test
Week 9 and 10 1.5 cc. of test
11 and 12 1 cc of test


Read the fucking stickies.


Wow, with so much stupid shit in one post- where does one begin?

How about clarification on the word "IMPUT"? How about why are you typing in caps?

Decrease in hair in the sink or increase? I think you meant increase judging by the way you structured the sentence, but decrease would make more sense.

I swear to God, not one week ago I posted an article by Bill Roberts that discussed compounds and hairloss- and you must've been absent because you've got it completely backwards. Deca was found to be the one compound that was easiest on the hairline while Test was the harshest.

And wtf is with these measurements in CCs? Are we suppose to assume how many mg per ML (or CC) your shit is? I couldn't even finish reading your cycle layout because that was annoying as fuck.

Look at all that stuff...in just one post. Hot dog, I think we have a weiner...


You've obviously done absolutely no research man. The standard first cycle is:

500mg test per week
PCT: Nolva

That's it. That was my first cycle (but with 630mg/wk) and I gained 15 pounds in 10 weeks. Great gains by any standard. And what's with the weird pyramiding? Just stick with the same dose the whole way through (frontload encouraged)


Oh and search this and other forums for hair maintenance options. There are SO many options out there (google it and you'll find one forum in particular that has a great sticky on this)


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i did a lot of research on this. i understand the flaming is just the nature of this forum.

also, this is research, i read the newbie stuff but did not find my answers.

I was pretty much wondering if i could get similar gains with just test and continue propecia rather then have to throw deca in there and stop my propecia and risk losing more hair.

My biggest concern is keeping as much of these gains as i can. If the Deca is going to help in this process i may just keep it in and quit the propecia.

Thank you for the imput, sorry for the wrong units of measure. I am still a newbie for this, and even the negative critics are giving me a big help.



I've never done gear and I don't really know much - so grain of salt and all. I think, as alluded to earlier in this thread, the Test - not the Deca - should be your concern, with regard to your hairline. Deca, in my limited understanding, has other drawbacks to be concerned with.

As to keeping gains, I think IIRC, Deca gains include a lot of water, so you'd lose some weight after ceasing it. You should be able to keep the majority of your gains by proper diet and PCT.

Again, I'm no where near an expert and this material is covered better in the stickies.


ok, now it comes to to other peoples opinions.

which would be smartest as far as hair loss in concerned.

1.test with propecia

2.drop the propecia and do test+deca

3.deca only no propecia.


I'm curious - why are you thinking about dropping the propecia?

In any event, from my limited reading, #3 would be a mistake. IIRC, Deca increases the prolactin in your body which can interfer with your ability to get erections - ie, "deca-dick". So you wouldn't want to take it alone.


All the research claims taking propecia or one of the generic versions such as proscar will actualy increase hairloss if taken with DECA, i am close to starting deca on week 3 and blasting it through to week 10. i am starting Adex week 3 and then the PCT 2 weeks after my last prick. i may take "Jacked fibraz" advice as a standard first cycle.

When i was younger i just went nuts on oral dbol, i lost hair but saw huge gains with just that. my ex girlfreind caught wind of this and flushed the entire bottle down the toilet, and 3/4ths of the way through a cycle i just STOPPED. That was a terrible experience i wish to not repeat.


This was the first time I've ever actually laughed out loud reading a post. I think it was the imagery in my head more than anything. LOL, kudos.


Weird, I didn't know that. I seem to recall that Deca takes a bit to get started and it also leaves your system later then test. What I've seen suggested is something like this: 10 weeks Deca, 12 weeks test, PCT starting on week 14. Adex throughout. I've also seem some people who take hCG during their cycle, they claim that PCT is easier if they do this.

That sucks. Have you ever gotten your bloodwork done?


I have when exiting the military. i was never told anything abnormal about it. But let me tell you, i became a big lump of crybaby with no dick or motivation for life.


If that happened to me, it would have happened about 45 minutes before I got arrested for murder


You really do need to just go read the sticky by furious george and do what he says...
There is no reason to slowly increase the dose of test, then go back down to one "cc" per week...
You want biweekly injections for enanthate/cypionate
EOD injections for prop

Maybe I missed it but I didn't see a mention of the ester, just "test"

Drop the deca for the first cycle.

Never do deca only

Some test should be in every cycle

Go read some more




Op, read the stickies and somewhere deep in the bowels of, I think the steroid newbie thread is a sample cycle layout, probably the same one jacked Fibraz layed out. It mentions PCT and AI also. Remember on top of your juice you need to acquire some AI and a SERM for PCT.

I'm very lucky in that I don't have the genetics to go bald so even on 600mg test and 400mg masteron a week I suffer no hair loss.

Good luck! Flushing roidz down the toilet is the sort of crazy shit my ex would have done! I used to deny using, and back in the days when I used to come 'off' I'd have a very low libido and would go back on, gain about 10LB's in the first week and start fucking her three times a day all over the house and get some extra hair on my chest and tell her I was on the 'Creatinz' :wink: I think she knew though, but its not what you know, it's what you can prove :wink:

And the funny thing was I kept my 'stash' under her side of the bed!




I laughed SO hard at this. Probably because I've been there. It's always so blatantly obvious when you look back, but whenever it's brought up, deny, deny, deny, no matter what! hahaha!


Best part about being on cycle is having a hot gf around... or someone you can bang regularly. If not, I'd assume that's the worst part about being on cycle. I'm lucky enough to not have had to deal with that. I'd probably be in jail for rape.