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Input on Tesrim


doc just put me on testim would like to know if the crew has any input on this stuff what to expect what to look for etc.should i take any over the counter stuff with it to help with weight loss any info would be helpful.


Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Those who are hypothyroid typically cannot absorb T transdermal.

What are TT, FT, E2, LH, FSH numbers?

If E2 is elevated or increases in response to the TRT, weight loss will be limited or blocked. E2 levels can be lower/optimized with an aromatase inhibitor drug [AI]. Arimidex/anastrozole is the drug of choice aka adex, l-dex...

If the transdermal works, your testes will shutdown. Any concern about possible loss of fertility? hCG injections will preserve the testes. As long as one should be injecting hCG, it does not make sense to use a transdermal to "avoid needles". Shutting down the testes can make them shrink and undergo irreversible changes aka organ failure.

Can you afford the costs of the transdermal T?

T alone as a mono therapy often fails by several measure.

The extent that you do not understand what the above means is a measure of how much you will have to learn. You are probably destined to know more about these things than most doctors.


KS is there any cheap AI's? Armidex is expensive.

Would a Steroid like masteron do the same thing as test without the rise in E2 levels?


Interesting. Is there anything published on this?


I can't recall seeing anything published, but on forums like this we see many guys with this exact problem. Docs rarely know about this.... not much of a surprise.


Arimidex/anastrozole is available as a research chem.

Masteron - really outside of my experience and reading. Proviron could also be used. Both should be used with T. E levels need to be monitored and anastrozole is still the most cost effective option. Both of these are illegal in Canada and the USA and cannot be prescribed. Proviron is prescribed to men in Europe.

I do not know of any DHT type drug that can be prescribed in the USA. DHT is very important for libido and libido without DHT does not happen even with good T levels.