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Input on Starting TRT Protocol



I'm 39, and started to feel symptoms of andropause about 2 years ago. Consulted with multiple docs, and discovered my T was progressively dropping from a mid-range to below normal. Started HCG monotherapy 6 months ago cause my wife and I were trying to get pregnant. Now she's pregnant, and I'm ready to start a complete TRT protocal.

I'm currently on HCG 1,000u eod, Anastrozole 2mg eod, and Sermerolin 1000mcg pwo.
Labs as of about 2 weeks ago:
TT 1000 (350-1030 ng/dl)
%FT 1.7 (1.5-3.2)
Free T 170 (52-280 pg/ml)
SHBG 36 (20-60 nmol/L)
E2 male sensitive 4.4 (0.80-3.5)

Complete chem and cbc 1 month ago normal.
My T has increased overall, SHBG about the same, E2 been a problem due to HCG. I increased Anastrozole from 1mg eod to 2mg eod 2 weeks ago due to small amount of gyno setting in, and feel better.
This week my doc wants to start me on Test 200mg/wk, continue HCG at lower dose, and Anastrozole. My doc recommends Test im only. Any input on the subq route?

I would greatly appreciate input on starting a complete TRT protocal this week. I'll stick to a higher dose of Test since trying to build muscle/gain weight.


5, 7.5, or 10 grams of Androgel per day. Quite simple.


You will need much less anastrozole.

You can reduce hCG to 500iu EOD and later to 250iu EOD… note size of testes as an indicator.

200mg/wk T ester is a lot and may push TT to 1600’s. Perhaps your doc stated 200mg every two weeks.

TT really does not mater and some docs only look at FT.

If your FT levels drop, you will not feel as good.

Will you be self injecting? If so, you can do SQ or IM as you will be in control.

Are you up to speed on the advantages of injecting twice a week or EOD?

Any DHT data?

You need to monitor hematocrit and PSA. At your age, PSA should not be an issue, but at least establish a baseline.


Hey KSman,

My doc is recommending 200mg/wk.

I suggested to him a protocal he was OK with: T 100mg/HCG 500iu/Anastrozole 2mg e3d. He recommends adjusting my Anastrozole based on recheck E2 in about 1 month after starting. I’m worried about decreasing Anastrozole before that due to problems with E2. I have no problem injecting myself, and would like to consider SQ injections for Test due to the frequency and amount of meds.

Do you think this sounds OK?

Also, DHT normal past 6 months, and PSA normal past year.

Thank you for your valuable input!


You can use .5ml #29 .5" insulin syringes and inject IM in the vastus lateralis or SC. Injection time is longish for .5ml [100mg] and loading may take 4-5 minutes.

If libido tanks and mood crashes, that can be from E2 too low. I think that anastrozole 2mg E3D will knock you down too low. You may need to do 1mg E3D. Target should be E2=22pg/ml.


Thanks KSman!