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Input on PPL


I made a PPL workout that contains the usual, three days with focus on strength and three days with focus on hypertrophy. Anything that sucks with it? Rest days will be taken when needed. Im a student so my weeks are never the same so no point in schedule in rest days, they just sort of happen when i have to much work that has to get done.

Push 1, 3 minutes rest between sets
Dumbbell bench 3x3-5
Push Press 3x3-5
Dips 3x6-10
Incline close grip bench press 3x6-10

Pull 1, 3 minutes rest between sets
Chins 3x3-5
Yates rows 3x6-10
Dumbbell rows 3x6-10
Barbell curl 3x6-10

Legs 1, , 3 minutes rest between sets
Squats 3x3-5
Leg press 4x6-10
RDL 3x6-10
Leg curls 3x6-10
Abs 4sets

Push 2, 1 minute between sets
Incline dumbbell press 3x8-12
Cable flyes 2x12-15
Dumbbell lateral raises 2x12-15
Cable lateral raises 2x12-15
Lying triceps extensions 2x8-12
Pushdowns 2x12-15

Pull 2, 1 minute between sets
Lat pulldowns 3x8-12
Machine rows 2x12-15
Dumbbell shrugs 2x12-15
Reverse flyes 2x12-15
Dumbbell curs 2x8-12
Concentration curls 2x12-15

Legs 2, 1 minute between sets
Dumbbell lunges 3x8-12
Leg extensions 2x12-15
Straight legged deadlift 2x8-12
Leg curls 3x12-15
Abs 4sets


I’ve never been a fan of low rep dumbbell pressing. Find it hard to do without a decent spotter. If it were me, I’d change to a bench press on the strength day, but if you like the dumbbell stuff then by all means keep it in.

I’d also add some rear delt work on your pull days.

Looks pretty good though mate.