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Input on New Way of Eating

I have approached nutrition in the past either way too strict or way too lose. For a long time I counted every calorie, ate extremely low carb, and high protein. I did see improvements in body comp by doing this, but I sacrificed enjoying meals with my family, and it really did make things tense with my wife. I then switched to eating whatever they did all the time, and that definitely isn’t working.

I am now going to try this;
I lift in the mornings, and will have protein shakes before and after so around 80 grams protein. My next meal will be lunch, will be very low fat protein with no carbs. Chicken, fish, or low fat cottage cheese about 30 grams protein. Then comes the family meal at night . This will be more traditional, but I will use lean beef, chicken or fish. The sides will include things like potatoes, pasta, different vegetables, tortillas, rice, and usually a form of cheese or sour cream. Along with this day is a multi vitamin, fish oil, and a greens drink.

Pre workout- 40 grams whey isolate
Post workout- 40 grams whey isolate
Lunch- 30 to 40 grams protein low fat 0 carb
Dinner- around 50 grams protein unknown amount of carbs or fat, but usually one is limited.
What do you guys think can this work?
I just want to enjoy family meal time, and try to look good naked!

Looks good to me. If you can get an idea of what you’re eating at night then you can plan your day better.

For example, about 6 months ago I started putting on a bit of weight. I plugged the numbers of what I was having for dinner into an app and bang, 1500kcal dinners.

So we made some tweaks to dinner and I tweaked my other meals and everyone is happy.

Yeah on some nights it’s easy like grilled chicken, baked potato, geen beans, with sour cream and cheese for potato. Other nights is more difficult like pasta or any type of casserole. I have been adding all calories from all ingredients and as long as I stay under a certain % of the entire dish I’m ok.