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Input on my TRT Protocol

Male 33 yo 165 lb approx 8-12 % body fat . Maintains a healthy diet . Switching between keto , paleo , intermittent fasting . Wasn’t feeling right , after exploring mane avenues . I decided to check out trt . This is what I found …
A blood test taken at 1 pm approximately 17 hours fasted read as follows-
Triglycerides - 32
Cholesterol total - 192
HDL - 82
LDL - 104
Estradiol- 31
DHEA - sulfate- 285.8
Total testosterone -731
SHBG - 94
Free testosterone- 7.2
IGF-1 - 87
Cortisol- 5.8

So they tell me my estrogen is a little high , and my free test is low , and my SHBG is high . They approve me for therapy and this is what I get .

Day 1 : 250 iu- hcg
Day 2 : 250 iu- hcg
Day 3 : 150 mg test cyp
Day 4 : .5 mg anastrozole
Day 5 : .5 mg anastrozole
Day 6 : . 5 mg anastrozole
Day 7 : 1cc mic ( some bcaa b vitamin injection they sold me )

10 weeks in :I feel no difference , no increase in muscle mass . I’m having extreme high and low feelings . Highs around day 3,4,5,6 after injection. I get another blood test this is what it says :
Testosterone total - 1647
Free testosterone-218.6
Estradiol - 9

They tell me that my low estrogen and high test is the cause. I ask to speak to the dr . They don’t let me . They said skip one week of anastrozole , and gave me this new protocol .

Day1 - hcg 250iu
Day2 -hcg 250iu
Day3 -130 mg test cyp
Day4 - .5 mg anastrozole
Day5 - .5 mg anastrozole
Day6 - nothing
Day7 - Micc 1cc

This is through an online company who services the entire country . They use quest diagnostics for bloodwork , then have an outside doctor read the blood work , and prescribe medication . I’ve called and asked to speak to the doc , they don’t let me . I deal with the guy who sold me the plan , I don’t think he knows hardly anything on the subject . What do you think ?? Any help or comments are appreciated .

Just so nobody is confused . For some reason , the first test read my free testosterone in ng/dL with a range normal range of 1.9-27 ng/dL
The second test read in pg/dL with a normal range of 35-155 pg/ml .

There aren’t any ranges for most of those things, so I’m guessing a little. That is significantly too much anastrozole, and there is no logical explanation I can think of for giving you HCG.You do not need any of that, you may need to adjust your diet. They are screwing you up. The E2 is way too low, and you absolutely did not need any of that. Stop. Right now. Stop dealing with them, they are just making money off of you at your health’s expense.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking . Everything on first test in a good range . About how much anasteozole would you recommend with 150 mg test ? Canceling isn’t really an option . I paid in full , I tried to cancellation already and they pretty much ignored me . I’m kinda fucked here …

Stop talking anastrozole! Do your reach estrogen is not your issue and even if on TRT AI’s are rarely needed.

Why no HCG ? I’ve read a lot about it keeping your natural test flowing a bit so you don’t shut down completely .

Put the stuff in a drawer for down the road. Talk to an attorney. What they did is malpractice, your Total Test was more than fine. Stop taking all of it ASAP. Consider finding some nolvadex and looking up “PCT”. You do not need any of those prescriptions and are likely only going to harm yourself by taking them further.

The HCG is just to make your balls do something so they won’t shrink. You are shutting down all natural pituitary stimulation and possibly hurting your normal natural ability to produce test. You could break yourself and end up actually needing the test for the rest of your life because of it. Natural production is better unless your goals have nothing to do with health.

You’re adding two things to your TRT protocol that are known to cause problems, HCG increases estrogen and can cause mood instability and anastrozole can degrade TRT benefits by causing a host of symptoms that mask any TRT benefits making it seem like TRT is doing nothing.

Lots of guys do not feel well on HCG or anastrozole. Start TRT in isolation and increase dosing frequenties to lower estrogen, daily or EOD if necessary.

IGF-1 is low which would mirror growth hormone, if you are growth hormone deficient, I wouldn’t expect TRT to do much for you.

Peptides to the rescue, peptides will increase your natural IGF-1 and therefore growth hormone.

I would like to know the rationale behind this program, especially the four day off, three on, ana$trozole dosing. Your E2 I$ not high, however. MIC is fine, but it is used for weight loss, which you do not need. The hCG is fine, if you wish to maintain fertility and/or avoid testicular atrophy, but the dosing should be spread out.

This is an illegal operation. State statutes require the doctor to be licensed in the state in which the patient resides. Most also require a face to face consultation and examination prior to going to telemedicine. This is why the more reputable TRT doctors require the patient to travel to see the doctor for the initial visit. They are selling you stuff you do not need.

You didn’t go into detail regarding your symptoms, but on the surface I think you may benefit from one of the growth hormone secretagogues.

You need to investigate why your shbg is high. Read about that.

Your diets could be part of why.

You need to change drs asap.

Thanks for your reply . What would you suggest I do with this shit while i try to sort this all out . As it won’t happen over night . Thanks .

If I am you, I would d/c everything, but finish the hCG, three times a week at 250IU. You can stop everything, weightlifters did this all the time, and you’ll be fine. However, as you already have the hCG, I figure go ahead and use it up.

You need another doctor, obviously. Did they evaluate FSH, LH and prolactin on your initial workup?

You think I could stop everything and use hcg only for pct ? I don’t see anything about lh, fsh, or prolactin on the blood work .

You could do that.

What would be tour BEST solution to my current situation . Like I said , I’ve contacted a lawyer , and I’m gonna spend another arm and a leg getting a well known doctor to look into my problem . Can I still hit maybe 100 mg test e every 5 days or so with hcg and no anastrazole until I find pct meds ?

You are not going to be able to do anything about your high SHBG, you have to play your cards and will need excess testosterone to get the job done, it’s just never going to happen naturally.

Some guys just do not like or agree with telemedical. I dont know… Personally i feel you should be able to get test and AAS, coke, heroin you name it from a pharmacy no script. You could go with a reputable telemedical clinic that alot of us use. The whole legal/illegal thing isnt exactly clear. What is clear is that they serve many men all over the country who are very hapy with their services. Sounds like you just hooked up with some UGL backed scammers. If you need TRT you need it end of story.

The best solution is just stop. Finishing the HCG - as suggested by @highpull I think - would help you bridge past the test leaving your body. You can recover normally on your own, usually, but it will take a little longer than if you have something for PCT.

It is very clear.