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Input on my Peri/Post Nutrition?

Would appreciate some input if I’m going about the nutrition side the right way.

185lbs, 5’8, Training for 2 years, currently working through a 5x5 program.
App. time in the gym is about 75-90min / 4x a week
Goal: Weight / Strength gain, would appreciate fat loss but not critical.

Peri Nutrition (4:45am)
Cal: 525
C: 65gm / F: 8gm / P: 55gm
A mix of ISO Flex protein isolate, 150ml milk, Oatmeal & a banana in a blender

During training I down about 1.5 L of water mixed with BCAA

Post Nutrition (between 7:30-8:00 am)
Cal: 720
C: 90gm / F: 5gm / P: 78gm
A mix of GNC Mass XX and ISO Flex protein isolate.

Breakfast (around 9:30 am)
Cal: 350
C: 29gm / F: 8gm / P: 37gm

The rest of the day I eat about every 3 hours with primarly protien / fat / low carb meals. Most carbs come from green veggies. The ENTIRE day adds up to: Cal: 2700, C: 215gm / F: 70gm / P:300gm.

Any advise would be appreciated.