Input on my Macros for a Bulk

Okay so my stats are are 22yr 6"0" 172lbs and I calculated my TDEE at a 3,500 kcal maintenance. I recently started a bulk and divides my macros as followed:
300kcal surplus =3,800
175g protein 700kcal
528g carbs 2112kcal
110g fats 990kcal
Can I get your guys input on how I divided my macros?
Also, could I allocate more calories to from carbs and fats to protein and still be okay? Like maybe 200g instead of 175g?
Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions!

I think a good way to go about it is to look at how much you eat now. Add 200 cal/day to that for starters, unless you’re eating ridiculously tiny amounts. If you start seeing progress after a couple of weeks, great. Stay there. If not, add another 200 cal/day and repeat the process. Once you start seeing progress and then stall for 10 days or so, add 100 cal/day, which is then your default jump.

You’re weighing in around 172 lbs, so your maintenance window is 2400-2900 cal/day. Adding 900 cal/day to the top end of that is kind of excessive, and I think you’d probably gain a bunch of fat - which isn’t exactly optimal. At six feet and 172 lbs you’re pretty skinny, right? So you’re not carrying a ton of muscle. Chuck in a sudden, large calorie surplus and your body is likely not going to know what to do with it and end up storing any extras as fat. Be patient. Find the smallest possible surplus that will give you muscle gains and milk the hell out of it.

In terms of macros, definitely up your protein to 200 g, and I’d say shoot for 35% of daily calories from fat. The rest is carbs. Any time you add calories, add them in carbs leaving protein and fat the same. The reasoning is that you’re adding calories because you stalled, which means you’ve added muscle so your body will be a little better at using carbs than before.

Thanks for the advice so far! Well I used IIFYMs TDEE calculator and it gave me a TDEE of around 3500 and when I use most other TDEE calculators I get around 3200. I’m 12% bf, I workout 6 days a week for 2 hours and I work in a kitchen/ as a waiter close to 40 hours a week and I’m pretty much on my feet 90% of my time while at work.

You may need some extra calories then, but you may also want to look at reducing how much you train. That’s a hell of a long time to train six days a week, and it doesn’t sound like you have much fat to lose.

I’m a chef. Long time.

Best thing I ever did was a full body 3x a week and at the most, 4 days a week (U/L, P/P, 5/3/1).

pretty unlikely, to be honest[quote=“blope59, post:3, topic:230140”]
I workout 6 days a week for 2 hours

also not a great idea. You’re eating into recovery big time, especially if you’re as active as you say

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