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Input On My Box Squat Form

Here are a couple of sets where I worked up to a comfortable single. Any input regarding my box squat form would be appreciated.

Looked pretty good to me. Your box is high and you might want to speed them up a bit but form looked good.

You squat like you wear canvas haha.

That looked good except for your pasty-pale legs. My reccomendation is getting out more :).

Your box height seems about 2 inches high or even higher to start. I’d also try and come down faster too.

Ralf- what gear (if any) do you wear? I would recommend a few things from the angle I am looking at:

  1. Point your toes out. I can’t see if you are doing this, but I am getting the impression your knees aren’t tracking with your toes. Thats a no no.

2.) You are probably one of the only people to sit TOO fat back on the box. You are doing too good of a job. Sit down some.

3.) Box 2 -3 inches too high.

4.) Make sure you are wearing briefs. Get Metal Pros if you don’t already have some.

5.) I don’t know how much that was or how hard it was for you, but you need to fire off the box.

6.) Good job on staying tight. Lastly, good job for not being one of those guys to slam down on the box or try to get off the box so fast they almost fall over.

7.) Put a belt on. Make your abs stronger with other exercises, but slap a sucker on when you squat or pull.