Input on My Bloods Before I Blast?

Hi All,

Current protocol:

  • 100 mg / Test C / Injected once weekly
  • Daily T Cream to Scrotun @ 100 mg/ml applied 0.25ml in the AM
  • HCG twice a week
  • Sermorelin and Ipamorelin at nights
  • Was using DHEA and Pregnenolone but stopped a week prior to test
  • Metformin AM and PM

I want to Blast with:

  • 300 mg / Test C / Injected twice a week
  • Daily T Cream to scrotum @ 100 mg/ml applied 0.25ml in the AM
  • Oxandrolone 50mg / day (25 mg in the AM, 25 mg in the PM)
  • HCG twice a week
  • Sermorelin and Ipamorelin every night

Goal is to put on muscle, then maintain, then cut after 30-60 days of maintenance. This will be done with a very clean bulk - 95% of my meals are home-made, but not calorie counted.

Blood results are below - the Cholesterol came in high as I’ve been eating more butter, saturated fats, and bone marrow than I should. Getting that under control now. Blood was drawn before I applied the T Cream that day. Blood was drawn on Monday morning, before my injection:

then how will you know its a bulk, clean bulk or a cut?

I’m pretty good at going based on feel. I’m not competing or very serious to count calories, yet. I’m still getting good gains and minimized fat gain with going based on feel.

Welp, you asked for inputs on your bloods, not your cycle. So, :thinking::thinking:

Your bloods look good except the high cholesterol (you already pointed out) and…

  1. Your Estradiol is high, relative to your test levels. Not stupid high, just high. This may or may not be a problem for you on cycle. Do you have an AI on hand just in case?

  2. Your fasting glucose is a little high. I suggest using some diet tricks to try to keep yourself insulin sensitive.

I didn’t see…are you lean? Best to start a cycle lean and your elevated glucose and E2 are indicative of someone who’s not lean. I fully realize I could be wrong and you may be shredded out of your mind. But, generally speaking, high fasting glucose and high E2:Test ratio are hallmarks of fluffiness.

You are correct, I am fluffy. Was hoping to pack on some good muscle, maintain, then cut down. I tried to cut 3 times, counted calories etc but I fail miserably because my mood suffers Greatly even with a good amount of carbs/etc. Was hoping that the extra muscles, higher strength, etc would help with cutting and having it be less painful.

I’m 5’10", 206 lbs, around 16-18% body fat even though a scan I did said I’m 11% which is impossible. This was professional scan which I had to lay down, etc, Dexa scan.

I can deadlift 400 lbs clean, Bench is around 250 for 3 reps, 10 pull ups clean and full reps, 205 lbs push press, etc.

Me too buddy. Doesn’t mean you can’t cycle. It is a lot of fun to look and be stronger than nearly everyone you come across.

It doesn’t. Not at all. In my experience, quite the opposite. The extra mass makes it even harder because your appetite increases. I used to be able to cut fat pretty easily when I was natural. I’d bulk up 20, then lose 15 like it was nothin’. It sucked, but it was doable. Now that I’ve packed on a little beef, just the thought of cutting makes me want to order a fully loaded pizza from Papa John’s. Cutting sucks no matter what size you are, but it sucks worse when you’re beefcake.

Maybe someone will chime in and say cutting is easier when you’re big, but then we can all dog pile on them and flame spray them for tainting our forum with horrible lies :rofl:

Love the new term I learned tonight. “fluffy”
I am fluffy to.

Albert your bloods look pretty dam good.
I have one comment on your ferritin at 44 range 38-380 ng/mL
Are you donating blood to keep your hematocrit in range or below 50% the top end of your range? If so one more donation might cause you to crash your ferritin.

Ask me how I know? haha

Hey man - I actually have not donated blood in 8+ months. Not sure why the Ferritin came in so low. This was my last test also:

Your IGF-1 is not high enough to justify paying the fortune you’re probably shelling out for those peptides. Otherwise your plan is fine. Be prepared for anavar to absolutely fuck your lipids even further. Also, no, your cholesterol isn’t high because you eat butter. Eating cholesterol doesn’t raise your blood serum cholesterol (it’s probably the opposite, but still up for debate). Your cholesterol is high because of a combination of genetics and lifestyle. Dietary cholesterol is not linked to your cholesterol levels. That myth needs to die a swift death.

The best my lipids have ever been was on keto. I was flat and not as strong, but my lipids were amazing. I was eating bacon, butter, cheese in high quantities.

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I agree and interestingly enough the peptides do give me some Deep sleep, I feel much more relaxed when I wake up. The reason the IGF1 may be lower is due to the fact that I had a bunch of carbs late night before I hit the peptides, and I didn’t even fast for 12 hours it was more like 9 hours of fasting and I had mixed in Almond Milk into my coffee that morning. Hah!

Long term impact of keto on cardiovascular health will be fun to see (which also dictated by individual genetics) for me after now doing keto for almost 5 years. Would be hilarious to have the most righteous lipid particle counts known to man and cRP at zero but just that one coronary artery or aortic valve just didn’t like that keto plan :-).

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My issue with Keto, is it kinda seemed all or nothing. Great results while adhering to it in regards to fat loss. Just a bit of cheating, and it seemed to completely stop working for me, and I didn’t have the will power to eat 20 g or carbs a day or less long term. Blood work on it was really good though.

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Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg with 1 gram VitaminC 3 times a week will bring your ferritin back up.

There is a really good chance your hematocrit will go over range post blast. So getting your ferritin up before should really help.

I am looking forward to reading your blast reports if you plan to post them. Best of Luck