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Input on Good First Course


i am 36 years of age and been training for a short while and would like some info on what is the best test to take and decca and what tablets to take for in between course and after, i have a little insight but not as much as you pro,s on this site please help if you can find time to help a training buddie the likelylad


Hi Likely Lad welcome to T-Nation. It's always helpful if you can include your stats, your training regime and your goals. It's a good idea as well to start researching the topic yourself. Everyone at T-Nation is willing to help, but you need to put in the effort yourself.

To get you started read Cy's excellent "Steroids for Dummies"


It'll give you a basic grounding in AAS.



Could you clarify how long "a short while" is? My interpretation of it would be somewhere around 3 months, which would be way too soon to look towards anabolics to augment training results.