Input on Faith and Beliefs

I’m working on a project that deals with spiritual practices and beliefs, and am considering comparing the specific population I’m working with to the “general public.” The following poll is not going to be used as formal evidence in any papers, but is more so to give me an idea of where random people fall. I’m aware of the trends of the country/world, and assume the T-Nation community is a fairly diverse group of people who will have different opinions, but am also curious to see if some shared commonality is present in this relatively small, online community that happens to result in similar opinions.

If anyone is willing to share any background information on their views, such as the environment they grew up in or experiences they’ve had and if these have shaped their views on religion/spirituality, I’m more than open to reading your stories.

*If none of the options on the poll seem applicable to you (I was trying to keep it simple) and you still wish to answer, please feel free to share an answer that does represent your views.

  • My faith/belief is an everyday part of my life.
  • My faith/belief is sometimes a part of my life.
  • My faith/belief used to be a part of my life, but no longer is.
  • I’ve never had any religious or spiritual faith or beliefs.

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