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Alright guys, 27 yo, 5’11 235 lbs, 15% body fat. Have done 3 full cycles, first was test blend at 800mg per week stacked with Winny 50 mgs a day and about 400mgs tren acetate per week. Lots of bloat, lots of learning. Second was test cyp 700mgs a week stacked with 60mgs OT a day. 3rd was d-bol only at 25mgs a day. My lifts are 475 lb 1RM deadlift, flat bench 315x8, squats 455 lbs x 8.

Just like to know what you think about running 400 mgs masteron enenthate with 25mgs of D-bol per day for approximately 8 weeks. PCT for first two cycles was Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 20mgs, coupled with ZMA. PCT for 3rd cycle was just a tapering down of dosage and OTC trib products. FOr this next one I would use Nolva or Clomid for about 3-4 weeks

Come on guys, no one wants to make any comments on my no-test cycle(s)?

Edit: BTW, I have been on this site since 2004, just under different names. Haven’t posted in a long time, just been lurking and reading.

Thanks for all the input…

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
Thanks for all the input…[/quote]

It’s been 5 hours or so since the thread was posted. Settle down

:slight_smile: fair enough

Depends what you want.

I think that 700mg Mast (a favourite addition of mine at the moment) and 210mg Dbol a week would make a quite nice cycle personally.

Add in a little Anastrazole and some SERM for ‘afters’ and you have a satisfying 3 course meal.

I am surprised that your first cycle gave you lots of bloat, but i see you had no way of controlling that aspect of the estrogens effects.

I used anastrazole and cabergoline (both research chems) during my first run. I have heard research dostinex is not stable…