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Input on Cutting Diet, Macros?


This is what my diet has consisted of for the start of my cutting cycle only a couple days in. I'm currently 217lbs 5'6 about 14% bf and looking to get down to 205lbs 8-9%. My maintence for my body type is around 3300 calories and im shooting at 2900. I'm looking to maintain this in 2-3 months. Is this realistic diet to get me there?

Meal 1
Protein Powder
1 cup Egg Whites
3 whole eggs

4.1g Carbs
15.1g Fat
54.9g Protein
371.9 Calories

Meal 2
1 cup Banana
1/4 cup Peanut Butter

64g Carbs
33.2g Fat
18.6g Protein
629.2 Calories

Meal 3
6 oz Ground Beef
1 tbsp Coconut Oil

0g Carbs
43.9g Fat
43.8g Protein
570.3 Calories

Meal 4
25 grams Protein Powder
1/4 cup Multigrain Oatmeal
1 cup Peaches
1/4 cup Peanut Butter

56.4g Carbs
34.1g Fat
43g Protein
704.5 Calories

Meal 5
1 cup Lettuce
1 Canned Tuna

1.5g Carbs
1.5g Fat
42.7g Protein
190.3 Calories

Meal 6
6 oz Chicken Breast
1 tbspn Olive Oil
1.5 cups Green Beans

10.5g Carbs
19.9g Fat
55.5g Protein
443.1 Calories

Total macros:
136.5g Carbs
147.8g Fat
258.5g Protein
2910.2 Calories


I would decrease fats and increase carbs on training days, and vice versa on non-training days...
centralize carb intake around workouts so as to take advantage of the anti-protein-degradation benefits as well as excess carbs wont be stored as fat.

im 190lbs, on a cut. training: 70g fat 120g carbs ~250g protein, non training: 100g fat, <80g carbs.


Learn math

You want to go from 187 LBM to 185 LBM.

As for your diet, you will be the one to know if it is working or not. Eat, look in mirror, weight yourself (once week, same day, same time, don't deviate), make adjustments as needed. Watch your cardio, take your pulse first thing in the morning, notice your mood, and have fun.


What can you gather from monitoring your heart rate?

I have been reading articles/threads here for over four years and haven't seen anything about that. Just curious.


Great to see if you are over doing it and how you are progressing.

If (for example) you HR is constantly 25. You get up one morning and your HR is 35 (assuming nothing has changed in your morning routine), take the day off. You might be getting sick, overdoing it (I did not say overtraining, as that take weeks if not months), more stressed then usuall, etc.

Just remember that it is an art as well as a science. It forces you to listen to your body.

If more people would listen to their bodies, the word "overtraining" would never been seen. Heck, half the questions on this forum would disappear.

Makes sense?


HR of 25 or 35 really?


If you have problems about numbers pulled out of my ass to illustrate an example, then please say so. I guess I should have put fireworks with (for example) as you clearly missed that. Oh, and nice of you to concentrate on 1% of the example.

A marathon runner I was training was around 55.

BTW, tue number is irrelevant right now. Everyone is different. And the number will show itself over time and will go down as you get in better shape, to a minimum.

Side note, Lance Armstrong was around 35. But he is the exception


Thank i understand it was an example but why not at least use realistic numbers. Just a thought i wasnt ripping on you. Take it easy


Learn physiology.

A substantial amount of water must be lost to reach that lean of a composition.


This is a highly unrealistic (and by that I mean impossible) goal for one cut. Just for the sake of argument I've run the following calculation to make my point.

I have made the following assumptions:

  1. during your cut you do not lose or gain any muscle
  2. for every 2lbs of body fat lost you lose 1lb of water weight
  3. your end goal is 205 8% body fat
  4. you start at a TRUE 15% body fat

Do the algebra and you find that you need to be sitting at about 243lb 15% before starting your cut.

Another quick calculation and you realize if you're cutting down to 8% now your target weight is something like 190-ish.

So you have to ask yourself what is more important to you. To get down to 8% at a bodyweight of 190, or your long term goal of 205 at that body comp. If the latter is your choice, best get back to the big eats and big training!


yeah your calculations are spot on man

if the OP wants 2900 calories i would go
350g carbs
250g protein
50g fat

but yeah 205lbs lean is delusional


Very few people have any real concept of what 205 8% body fat really looks like...especially at 5'6"!! With those stats OP would be getting PMs on the hour and have a "how do you train" thread started in his honor.


oh yeah that would be totally huge at that height haha

that would be like myself being 8-9% at 240 lol crazy


Everyone's right, your math is off you can't sit at 205 at 8% starting from where you are. But in either case, I'd try to change up your carbs so that you eat them in your first meal and stray from them as the day goes on, except around your workout.


Hell, OP would be a monster at the current stats he posted...but I seriously doubt he's a true 14% body fat...especially when he's this naive about body composition. I could be wrong though...need to see a pic.


He could do what he want but it woudl take years of recomp to do certianly not going to happen in a short cut. Lots of muscle needs to be gained while lose a decent amount of fat.

Pic would help


We done gone scared OP away...