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Input on Assessing Posture & Muscle Imbalance


I’ve been trying to correct my posture problems, I believe I suffer from an anterior pelvic tilt and rounded upper back however when using some of the normal assessment checks, i cant seem to pin down my exact issues. I think my issues are as follows:

Anterior pelvic tilt due to extremely tight and short hip flexors, lats and lower back AND weak obliques and abdominals. My glutes fire ok as do my hams.

Rounded thorasic spine, partly due to short neck muscles

very tight anterior deltiods causing severe rounded shoulder and interiorally rotated hemuri

possible weaknesses in upper back

my question is whether some on this forum could take a look at some pics and give me some input? im 210 pounds, approx 17 percent body fat, 6 foot.

sorry, just wanted to add, i have been overwieght all my life and have had very lazy posture which is what i think initially caused the problem but then developed the short neck musles, tight deltoids, weak traps etc. i do have very tight knotty muscles and am working with foam rolling and stretching and doing the neanderthal no more series.

post em up!

EDIT: just saw youve got pics in your hub.

there may be more things going on but I see forward head/neck and your shoudlers rounding forward.

Other than consciously holding good posture at all times, things that should help you are strengthening your lower and mid traps and stretching/rolling your pecs and pec minors.

mobilitywod.com to open up your t-spine and for all your shoudler needs. And everything else for that matter.

for your anterior pelvic tilt: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_thibaudeau/basting_lordosis_and_tilt