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Input Needed, Losing Motivation

Hey guys, followed t nation for as long as I can remember only now creating an account to see if you all can help me figure out as to what’s going on and get your thoughts and input, sorry ahead of time if this is in wrong section.

A little background, 26 yrs old 225lbs, been lifting on and off since high school, noticed last year lifting became unbearable, couldn’t stay focused couldn’t get anything done in or out of gym, all kind of test ran and came back low t, runs in our family but never thought it would happen to me. Been on try since October and has literally changed my life, mood boost is incredible, we can all be honest it’s not a magic fix for everything but it does help, and of course my reps in the gym have gone through the roof, so I started trt at 220 lbs, everything been growing great maxes all went up, 1.5 inch on arms, went up shirt sizes, loved what I was seeing, of course I’m the guy that ai pills don’t work for go figure… I blooned to 245 and felt like a machine if the weight was in the gym I wanted to move it. But my blood pressure was through roof and water retention was crazy. My Endro said it was the estrogen blocker which I argued cause everything on any website differed. So I gave him the two weeks he was asking for and stopped taking it, and boom, back in his office two weeks later 7 pounds lighter zero water retention and absolutely perfect blood pressure. That was middle of February, now here is where I get to my problem and need some input and motivation. Since mid April I have lost 1/2 inch on my arm (back down to 17), chest seems smaller, shoulders have shrunk, and I’m not popping out of these shirts in the good way like I was only months ago, have adapted my workout the past month thinking my muscles was complacent. A guy I work with knows I’m frustrated with what’s going on and keeps saying that you go through phases, you’ll bloon up and get big, then taper off but your muscles are getting tighter and compacting feeling in all the voids. He then says just wait keep pushing ur gonna be bigger then ever in a few months… any truth to this? Phases, is that what happens? If not I’m not really sure what’s up and it’s really starting to piss me off. Any input would be great. And just for shits, I’m pushing pulling more weight then I ever have so strength is not gone just the mass and fullness, haven’t had water retention(noticeable like it was) since first Of march. Just wanted to see what u peeps had to say bout it. I’ll list some stats below if that helps

26yrs old, 225 lbs, 6’tall, 49 inch chest, 17 inch arms…And I have a pic if need be

Thanks in advance

Your age explains your anxiety. Growth phases come and go, your latest one was undoubtedly helped by your drug therapy. With or without drugs, maintaining a consistent workout routine incorporating the big 3 lifts should produce good/great results, along with adequate rest and proper diet. You’re got your whole life still ahead of you. Good luck.

Thanks man I appreciate the response, you are prolly right, I just hate seeing the gains disappear while keeping the strength, just hard to accept, but muscles adapt, so I’ll keep hitting it hard and try and find another workout to follow.