Inositol, AAS, and Testosterone

Iâ??ve been looking into potential ways to prevent acne whilst using AAS, and I came across some studies on the use of inositol in treating acne.
The studies carried out found that supplementing with inositol dramatically decreased acne in women with PCOS.
Further anecdotal evidence from both healthy men and women seems to suggest that inositol supplementation may be an effective means of assuaging acne.
Itâ??s also been shown to decrease blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity, which both seem likes plusses.

However, delving further into the topic, it seems that part of the effect it had on women with PCOS was that it decreased their testosterone levels.

Based on this, would it be fair to say that a healthy male using inositol whilst on AAS might inhibit acne by reducing testosterone, but in doing so, defeat the purpose of using AAS in the first place? Might it even be detrimental to the natural athlete?

I appreciate this isnâ??t a very commonly used supplement, but if anyone has any experience using it or perhaps understands the supplement better than myself (which isnâ??t much of a feat!), Iâ??d very much appreciate your thoughts!