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Inno Sport Closes Down

DB hammer has packed his bags and closed the gates to the secret compound.

does anyone else find it strange that in under 12 hours or so the website, board everything gets shut down?

can anyone shed some light on the situation here?

i was just turned on to this website a couple of days ago and have been reading about some of the training they do. i go there today and i can’t get on at all. what happened?

Dietrich decided to close it up due to “diminishing health” and so that he could spend more time with his family. That’s all I’m permitted to say at this time.


Odd all this happened within a couple of weeks of the forums opening. The site could have, and has really, operated without DB. Whether or not you like his stuff the forums were providing some more info that previously available.

It’s good to see that the “made-up Guru” business model doesn’t work too well.

In related news, Santa Claus cancels Christmas.