Inno Question

This is for all the Inno-Sport followers out there, or for anyone else who wants to help, as long as it’s constructive.

If I have difficulty squatting near max weight and replace the movement with split squats with my front foot on a step to further increase the ROM, what strength level would I strive to achieve?

I know 2-2.5x BW is recommended for the full squat for an athlete, but would the split squat strength level be repping out with 1.25x BW or something similar?

Also, would the SS be an acceptable substitute as an exercise? I would think so because of the specicifity of the movement.


If you can split squat 1.25x BW, that’s pretty damn impresive.

And yes, I think it would be a good replacement as long as you’re doing the movement properly (you know, not pulling the whole lean forward and push off with the foot that’s on the bench deal). If you are naturally a quad-dominant runner, you might want to add in another posterior chain movement though.

Thanks for the advice jtrinsey, but I’ve already taken things into consideration. My current template is one strength day coupled with a MAG/RATE day focusing on hip extension. And after both days I apply EMS to my hamstrings. I think the EMS, along with all of the other Ham/Glute exercises I do should equal things out.


How effective has the EMS been for you so far, rj?

So far, I’ve noticed some size gains in my hamstrings. I’ve also been making progress on my standing unilateral triple jump, which is what I’m trying to drive up.

I would use it on my other muscle groups, but it’s a cheap model and I feel it only hits my hamstrings hard enough.



You sound like you’ve got most of it figured out so that’s good. Plus you’ve got the DB board for the more technical problems.

I’m just kind of seconding what you’ve already said in that I think the BSS is a great exercise choice, especially for improving single-leg power. I’ve been working with a couple of female volleyball players this summer and we’ve been doing a heavy diet of BSS’s and I have already noticed improved power and control in one-legged approaches. I’ve also seen a definite correspondance there in my own training as well.

Since I started focusing on sprint speed I’ve felt that it made sense to train unilaterally. Using the split squat as my main exercise is the result of that.

By the way jtrinsey, I vaguely remember you getting injured some time ago. What happened and how are you doing now?


It wasn’t too serious. I banged my knee up pretty badly, wound up with a puncture wound a couple of inches deep and had to get 15 stiches. It wouldn’t have been that bad except it was just above the kneecap, so when scar tissue built up, it made bending the knee a painful experience.

Basically I just tried to perform my own ART my continually poking, prodding, rubbing the scar tissue and now it’s broken up considerably. There’s a little bit there that I think won’t go away, but it’s not affecting performance anymore.

The end result was that I couldn’t squat or jump or do anything requiring a deep or fast knee bend for about 3 weeks, so I lost a little strength, but am definitly gaining it back now. I would say I’m probably equal to where I was before the injury.