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Just watching Innerspace on tv right now. Classic film.

Whatever happened to Martin Short? This was probably his best film.


Idk about martin short...all white people tend to run together and form a big jellylike blob in my eyes.

Id lose my gf at the mall if I didn't have a leash on her.


Martin Short had a pretty memorable face in all honesty




Three Amigos

You're welcome.


He was in the last season of weeds


Father of the Bride?


^^ Yeah but that was 20 years ago! Yikes!




Think he was on a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.....

3 Amigos is always going to be the high point of his career in my mind... well, that and the old animated Ed Grimly show (I have the talking figurine amongst my toys)



jiminy glick




LOL @ "Howard Weinstein"


If you guys had kids, you'd know that he's the voice of the cat in "The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that". Actually, I suppose you don't need kids to be watching Treehouse TV, but it helps to have the excuse!