Inner Thigh Squat Pain

when I spread the floor and squat, I get a sharp pain in my left adductor. I assume it’s because it’s simply weak and needs to be stretched and strengthened but I’m just curious if I should step away from the program I just started (SS) in order to develop the mobility, or can it be resolved with more frequent stretching/mobility while still running my program? I’m currently stretching every day and when I warm up before I workout. feel free to post resources,effective stretches, and/or training techniques to address the issue.

My wife had this problem. It turned out to be a tight groin that radiated pain down the adductor (and all the way close to the knee). Before squatting, she gets into a butterfly stretch, falls back on the ground, I put two plates on either leg to push the groin open (we train at home, so no awkwardness). She holds it for a couple of minutes, and it fixes the pain. (there are other ways to help a groin stretch of course).

The pain might be from other things. I’m no expert.