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Inner Thigh Injury

A few weeks ago I kicked the ball and felt pain in the inner thigh. I didn’t do my legs for two weeks until I recovered totally. This week, I did a leg extension, leg press, no problem or pain… I started doing squats and during the last heaviest set, my leg from inner side just collapsed, it happened in second and fortunately I dropped the barbel on time and it didn’t hit or press me. I didn’t feel any pain. Day or to after, I have a bruise on my dick, literally. I will go see the doctor anyway, I still don’t feel pain. Did someone experience something similar?

When you tear or injure muscles and connective tissue it’s common to bruise up. Or for the area to swell.

When you injure the legs/lower body gravity often makes the bruise travel down. Or the fluid from swollen areas runs down and causes bruising below the injured area. Like if you twist your ankle and your foot turns purple and even your toes swell.

I tore an adductor/groin muscle and my inner thigh bruised a lot. I was swollen under my pubes. A couple days after that I had bruising on dick and balls. Two days later they fell off! Just kidding, they were OK. It looked disturbing though.

I told to my girl “now, here is colored dick you always wanted.”

Are you still going to see the doctor?

Also Dude, that’s not the preferred nomenclature.

Yes I will, tomorrow. I see what you find offensive, but it wasnt about it. It was a joke about putting tattoo on my dick.