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Inner Thigh/Ham Weakness With Squats


So I started squatting wider and deeper and have a really bad weakness with either my inner thigh/inner hamstring or both. After a workout, I will be sore there for three days, while my thighs are impatiently waiting to go up about 50 pounds in weights. What's a good exercise to strenghten that weakness? I was thinking maybe wide leg good mornings, but I really want to isolate that area more since that is so far lagging behind. Are partial squats at that level safe for the joints?

I've been keeping an eye on the articles for something like this but it seems like this weakness is very localized in a relatively small area. Anyone do any cool exercises to overcome this weakness for yourselves?


Wider and deeper squats. What's difficult about this? If you want to improve your wider and deeper squats, do them, with weight that you can handle while gradually increasing the weight. Isn't that how you get stronger and bigger?


My point is that out of all the muscles inolved in squatting, all of them are ready to add a lot more weight save for that area. It's one weak area slowing down the rest of my progress. That's why I was looking for targeted supp. exercises. One of the things I thought of last night after I typed this was forward walking side lunges. I'm gonna try that and see if that helps.


If you are sore in that area for three days after doing wide squats, I suggest they are clearly very effective for strengthening that weakness. Keep doing them.


search for an article called Construction by Adduction by Eric Cressey on this site.