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Inner Thigh Exercises



I have a question, are there any exercises with body weight or added weights for the inner thighs?



Try moving your squat stance wider.


sumo stance deads


Lunges and steps ups in addition to what has been said.

If you really need to do a specific inner thigh exercise, do one while standing with an ankle strap to a cable column. Start with the tension with the leg away from the body to the side, and bring the leg inward next to the leg you're standing on.


Good ideas so far. If you're looking for bodyweight, best I can think of is to lie sideways on the floor, put the working leg up on a bed or sofa or whatever's a comfortable height, and try to adduct. Adjust how much of your leg is on the couch according to strength level.



Agreed. I think adductor/abductor machines were just invented for women to cater to the false notion that they could spot reduce their 'problem areas.' You'll be served much better by doing heavy, wider stance, and deep squats.


Just squat and deadlift.


I think adductor/abductor machines were invented solely for the benefit of male gym patrons, I know I love watching those machines being put to use, even if it is of very little benefit to the user.


Ever tried swimming? If you put all your strength into the kicks you'll work those inner thighs like mad. I had such horrible ache in those muscles after my first week of intensive swimming last summer =)




You can get into your squat stance with no weight, put your elbow inside your knees and do isometrics.

Plate drags: Using your inner thigh muscles on one leg at a time, drag a plate by laying it on the inside of your foot.


try TKE's, they're done with bands and will develop the tear drop muscle inside the quads.
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Walk up a hill or set of stairs sideways. It works one set of abductors and the other adductors.
Switch it around for the next trip. Don't forget your sandbag. Side step sled dragging works good too. Cross-over side steps hits every muscle below the ear lobes.