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Inner Quad Stretches

I’ve been gettin some pretty bad inner quad ache when doing close stance leg press, the only stretch i know is holding my ankle towards the lower back(not sure what it’s called) and when I did this it relieved the pain slightly. Does anyone know any other better stretches for this area?


Old school butterfly

Gravity Assisted Against Wall

Frog Stretch

Roll out abductors

Try and use a stance or foot position that doesn’t kill your crotch. Maybe feet slightly wider, maybe toes rotated “out” a little more, maybe feet “higher” on the foot plate.


When you refer to crotch are you talking about the abductors?

Oh man!

I meant adductors, like inner thighs! The stretches and rolling were for the muscles that squeeze your legs together.

Also, I said “crotch” but I should have said “groin” or inner thighs. Use a foot position on the leg press that doesn’t cause problems for your inner quads.

spread those legs, baby. Any of those kind of stretches will work

Hi guys I know I already made a forum about this issue but I don’t think I addressed it properly. The problem is when I leg press, a burning ache deep in my inner QUAD, the vastus medialis and it doesn’t contract or burn like aBefore I do leg press I do squats, and when I do leg press I do one light warmup set. Does anyone know how to eliminate this pain?

You realise that gaining muscle, increasing mobility and getting more flexible are things that take time right?

Also going from no resistance training to hitting the gym several times a week is going to make everything feel wierd and sore for up to several months. It’s not just your muscles that need to get used to external loading but also your bones, your ligaments and your tendons.

Your stressing your entire system both physically and mentally so expect that to take its toll!

Yes I understand that, I just wanna know what type of mobility/ stretching drills I need to improve this, this feeling I’m getting is an actual pain so I want to know if it’s safe to continue doing this exercise or not