Inner pecs are embarrising!!!!!

My inner pecs are horrible. Especially the lower part. Wow! I don’t have access to a cable machine so does anyone have any suggestions.

Do you do ANY decline chest work? Like decline bench, decline DB presses?

Can someone explain what the hell is a inner pec? Especially the lower inner pec? Is this some new muscle? Or is it the minor pec?

First, cable work sucks.

Second, there is no such thing an inner pectoral. The pectoralis major is made up of 2 heads:

The Sternal head (Lower chest)

The Clavicular head (Upper chest)

You can improve either of these regions, but not the inner pecs- that's genetics. Fill out the upper and lower regions and your "inner" pec probrem will be less noticable.

Inner pecs, how can you not know what that is? I don’t know how much more specific I can be. Patricia and Joel knew what it was. You don’t know what it it, don’t respond. Get a life. Try the junior lifting site “restless”

First of all I would incorparate some flyes and close grip bench press. Have your hands about 18-20 inches apart and focus on using your pecs. This should help.

“Can someone explain to me what a inner pec is” what kind of question is that. A inner pec. The inside part of your chest. Get real. How dumb can you be. Get off the site

I am glad someone else blast the guy on “inner” pec before me!!! Anyways, like Patricia said, do some decline work. I especially like to do dumbbell work on all three benches (incline, decline, flat) because I like I get more direct pec work than with barbell presses. Also, if you want to do something to replace those darn cables, do dumbbell flyes. Try them first in your workout. I also like to do dips on a v-bar for chest. Use different widths for your grip and that should help with some more growth. And lastly, use proper form and technique. If you lift the weight using correct form, you are using too much. Stay with it and check out Ian King’s workouts and search the site for more tips and info. RTR-Sandman

I would suggest dips if you don’t already do them.

I do recall seeing some studies that showed you can target certain parts of a muscle. So yes, you can work on the “inner” pecs and “lower” biceps, even though those aren’t really separate muscles from the pecs and bi’s. Sorry, don’t remember where I saw that, but it may have been in a way back issue of T-mag.

Probably in a Weider magazine.

Well, good luck with your inner peck routine then…

First off, Restless knows more about lifting than most people on this board or the other boards that he frequents. If you think that the “inner pec” exists than you simply don’t agree with the vast majority of contributers of T-mag. BoneDog- Joel knew what is was?!? “There is no such thing as an inner pectoral”. He essentially said the same thing as Restless except it was far more diplomatic.

Why flame him for asking a question? It is not a muscle of its own. There is a lot of evidence to say that stuff like inner pec development is determined largely by genetics and can not be developed independantly or at a significantly different rate than other parts of the same muscle by using different exercises. I have read some stuff that says you can isolate parts of a muscle but that is far less than conclusive. In reality the parts of a muscle active in each phase of a lift is extremely complex

Also, try nautilus pec dec~~I supersetted those with regular bench presses, and got my chest to finally “halve” up, making each side more toned and semi-separated. That one exercise (pec dec) did more for my chest than anything before that. I don’t work out on nautilus equip anymore, and concentrate on incline bench presses w/flyes; and regular push ups.

Try some dips and dumbbell bench presses.

Wow! Besides the obvious “no such thing as an inner pec”, the first thing I would suggest is to strive for overall pectoral development. Stay away from light weight fly’s, cables, etc. Press a lot of weight, often, low volume per session, high frequency, lifting heavier and heavier EVERY workout.

First, Natt the hat, thanks for the kind words.

To however defended me, thanks also.

To the flamers, i didn’t intend my post to came off as an attack. Maybe it did, and if anyone felt offended, i apologise.

To the original poster, there really is no such thing as a inner peck. There’s not much you can do about it besides developing your chest as a whole.

Any moron knows that there is no such thing as an inner pec. And if you weren’t f***** stupid you would know that Dasada was probally asking for a few tips to try and fill out his pecs. So for all you “pros” out there who think they know s*** and are more than likely weak as hell, learn some info. before you respond. Hey nat the hat how can you say taht restless knows more about lifting than most people on the site. He makes a dumb a** comment like that and you believe him. Man your sad. So are the rest of you losers who can’t read or understand simple, simple questions.

Can inner pecs be a weight issue? For example, mines haven’t filled in yet and I weigh 160lbs at 5’7"?

whats the thing between my pecs then? is this an illusion? looks in between.