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Inner Elbow Pain

 i have had this pain that reacurrs in my elbow around the funny bony area after doing things like chins or rows, or curls. it seems to have persisted for at least a year, and i dont know what to do. i have crap healthcare and cannot get into see a doc for at least a few months. would going to a chiropractor or and active release practitioner be a good choice?

  this is really driving me insane and any help would be great.


One possible explanation is golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis), caused by excessive wrist flexor strain. Probably need to take a break from curls and chins (especially with a straight bar). If you don't want to rest completely, stick to neutral grip exercises like hammer curls and neutral grip chins etc. Also, warm-up properly, stretch your forearms regularly and ice the painful site after training.


Ive started foam roaling the area with a tennis ball. and have cut back my training sessions to once per week. i have training as a massage therapist so i know something about manipulating tissue, but i was never aware that this area could be worked until i discovered that opon further research. it seems to be doing something.
you know... i seem to remeber dave tate haveing a problem similar to this in one of his articles or posts somewhere, and that he rolled it out.
this problem has to be correctable , i dont care what anyone says. ive treid rice over the lst year or two but every couple of mounths it comes back. this shit is rediculous and i am goinhg to resolve it with my own art. it has to be overcomable


Arthitisboy....I feel your pain. I have been fighting this issue in my left elbow for about 6 months. Icing, TENS/EMS (STIM) unit, etc. I took a couple weeks off thinking it would help. Now I am back and now my right elbow is showing the same symptoms my left elbow. I have a lot of issues at night as well with arms tingling up to my left and right pinky fingers. I believe it is due to all the volume I am doing to bring my bench up. I started wearing neoprene elbow braces and that seems to help and I try to ice after every workout.

I have read many articles on Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, which appears to be my issue. Not sure if yours is the same. I went to the doctor and he just want to give you a cortisone shot and tell you to stop lifting for a while. I have tried following a lot of suggestions about sleeping with the arms straight and such but it doesn't seem to solve it. I agree there has to be a way to still lift and get through it.

Here is a couple of links on the subject of Ulnar Nerve Entrapment:




Here is a couple of links to some stretching to help with tension of the muscles around the nerve.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Could be cubital tunnel syndrome
test for that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1oFeckmaGQ&feature=related



Midway down the article they talk about a pinched elbow that sounds similar to what you are experiencing. I started suffering from this about 7 months ago the morning after an intense deadlifting session. I did a lot of rolling with tennis balls on the muscle (what felt like the flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus) and did a lot of triceps foam rolling and now it's a non issue.

I feel like the triceps tightness may have been an exacerbating factor as I always felt better after that rolling than the flexor muscles. Now that it's healed I've been doing more strap assisted work when pulling heavy things to avoid a relapse. As well, I have been focusing on wrist extension exercises and finger extensions (like put 20 rubber bands on my fingers and open them 100 times a couple times a day) and pronation/supination (Thor's hammer) since that was woefully under-worked before the pain started.

Now that I have been pain free in both elbows - it started in my left about 3 weeks after my right, treatment was the same - I added in some rolling thunder grip work, often trying to do the lift sans index finger to really strengthen the pinky and ring. And recently I've been training Atlas stones for compressive strength and I can already tell a difference inside the first few weeks that the elbow joint as a whole feels more stable. Hope this helps and good luck with the rehab.