Inner Elbow Pain at Full Bend

I have read as much as I could on the different threads on elbow pain. I haven’t quite found a description of what I’m experiencing so I thought I would post it. I did an upper body workout that included incline dumbbell curls, pull-ups, bench, lateral raises, decline tricep extension, seated back supported overhead press, and chest supported rows. No pain during the workout or the rest of the day. The next day I woke up to a little bit of elbow pain. This pain was minor in various positions when lifting or holding things. At full extension, no pain. At full bend (tucking my hand into my arm pit) is when I experienced the most pain. I did a full leg workout 4 days later (including squat and Romanian deadlift) and no exercises evoked any pain. It seems to be most pronounced when I did some low weight dumbbell curls and I couldn’t really feel much (if any) pain when I just did a few pull ups to try to find the pain. Barbell curls didn’t hurt as much as dumbbell curls. Tricep extensions didn’t hurt. The pain is on the inside. See below. Any thoughts?

Physiotherapist here:
Go to a physical therapist / physiotherapist.
This is a fairly non-typical elbow presentation. Whilst likely not serious, providing guiding information to you will be almost impossible without being able to physically assess you

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Update: I rested it for a week. I then did a full upper body workout today with very little pain. I will update again tomorrow to see if any day after soreness or pain kicks in.

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Update: The pain is beginning to resolve a bit. However, I might have identified the cause. I began my gym training doing close grip pull-ups putting a lot of tension on my arms/elbows and not engaging my back as much. I think this was too much too soon for my brachialis perhaps? So I’m transitioning to a wider grip. Hopefully this helps. Thoughts?

If brachialis was the irritated structure, that transitioning to a wider grip pull-up would help :slight_smile: