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Inner City Publik Skool Bus



I think the cheering is the worst part of it.


If it were the other way around this would have been "racially motivated".


Exactly. Black people get away with so much stuff its not even fair. It's okay for a black person to call us cracker and all that shit... but lord forgive us if we say the "N word."


This thread is going places


Wasnt really saying THAT, at all.


But I was. That was just an example I was using though.


I wonder if this will go down the same pathetic road as the Jena 6.


And I'm not being racist for anyone that wants to dick eat. If I called some black kid the N word at school i'd probably get expelled. If some black kid called me a cracker it would be ignored. I don't see how that's fair.

I bet if that kid on the bus had the same personality and shit but was black, I highly doubt he would have gotten beat up.


What's wrong with eating dick?


The stars. Aim for them.


I prefer my women to suck, but not eat. Might want to lay off the chompin there PMPM


That whole article and this post is full of FAIL.


J-fit, you're fucking with my attempt to derail the fail thread!


Why would you want to say the N word? Just curious, why would that even be remotely in your thoughts? Why not jerk, or asshole?


grabs popcorn



am i the only person around here that is fucking sick and tired of all these viral videos showing some meek little white person getting the living shit beat out of him by a black guy/guys????

seems several of these pop up every few days.

this shows me a few things.

one, that i guess its ok for black people to beat the living shit out of white people.

two, what the fuck is wrong with all these Lilly-white weaklings? do NO white males know how to fight these days? or perhaps its the wolf-pack mentality of the attackers, sensing the weak ones and smelling blood?

three, why is this a fail thread? if it were the other way around, shit would have a whole episode of 60 minutes dedicated to it, then a mini series. before i get called out, fuck you. i dont have a dog in this fight, i'm hispanic, i'm just calling it like i see it.


Kid could have at least TRIED to fight back, it looks to me like he just sat there and took it. Come on kid, take a swing or two!


You sound like a 15 year old.


Editor's note: The underage victim's face has been blurred to protect his identity.

-Like everyone at that school doesn't already know who was involved...like the kids on the bus weren't texting their friends about what happened...that newspaper got scooped by Donny in my 3rd period Bio class


The important thing to remember: ALL black people are like this. No exceptions. I saw it on the internet it must be true.