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Inner Biceps Seperation?


I have what some would call a natural peak in my bicep but I've always found the defined inner ball more impressive when it comes to flexing your guns..

Recently I saw Mi3 and noticed that for a small guy Tom Cruise's biceps was particularly impressive (relative to normal physiques and not the impressive superheroes like Christian here on T-Nation).

I have always been curious about inner bicep seperation, specifically what is its technical term (medial bicep seperation?) and how to go about achieving it?


In that picture what you can see seems to me to be his biceps - not a separation of the biceps.

(For my curiosity) Were you referring to the visible difference between his brachialis and biceps brachii - or the separation between the long and short heads of biceps brachii?


Anyone who would consider Tom Cruise impressive in any way physically obviously isn't very developed themselves. That isn't a putdown, just an acknowledgement that someone without much mass and no background in anatomy would see any definition around the area as "development". In that pic, that is simply his biceps muscle. There isn't anything special about it. He is lean and must have picked up a light weight a couple of times in the past.

In other words, he is lean enough to see whatever muscle he does have.


This is a recurring theme that people can't seem to understand.

"How do I get bicep seperation?"

"How do I get chest striations and/or seperation?"


Unless you want to look emaciated (like Cruise), it is a function of size and leaness. It really isn't rocket science people.

I will rephrase that. If you want to achieve impressive muscle seperation, vascularity, etc. get as big as possible and then worry about getting lean.

There isn't much point to being lean enough to see bicep seperation if they are 13" around.


Are you talking about visible STRIATED biceps. If so you have to hit all heads of the bicep... at least thats what I found works for me best. 1.regular, reverse, & hammer curls
2.pullups, chinups, & hammer-gripups.

Same thing with HORSESHOE triceps.

Some might dissagree with me on these methods to achieve the above terms/ looks. But this is what ive been found works best for me to really get that look by applying the icing on the cake.

Hope this helps/ what you were lookin for.


I think you're talking about the line seperating the lower part of the bicep from the tricep. If so, it is all about lowering your body fat to get that to show.


Someone who thinks Tom Cruise is impressive should diet down?


Not to be a smart ass, but this is in the beginners forums.


Your point?


He's helping them learn, calm down.


Like this?

Now that's an impressive physique.


I'm calm. Just sometimes being new and reading a post like that can be intimidating and maybe make the person not wanna post again. Getting a lesson for free is always good and very appreciated. I used to think that being lean and cut like that was a good thing but after reading more here and seeing how others can stay lean and build massive muscle has changed my way of thinking and my personal goals.

Semper Fi,Brent


found this.....

If you want more "inner" bicep detail--you know, that nice line that separates it from the tricep--do standing dumbbell curls where your hand touches the inside plate. This flops the dumbbells to the outside, forcing the wrist to twist for a greater contraction.


Or die. I mean really it's their choice. I'd go for one of those though.


JB needs to cut... You can't quite see his bicep separation.


It's hard trust me I lost a lot of my body fat a lot and still didn't get that cut, it's just that my hands got smaller because they say that when you want to cut then you need to run on an emty stumech and if you did that you well lose a lot of muscle also rrrrr.


The basics are this,
1. to see the muscles, get lean.
2. To build the muscles eat and lift heavy.


The more you do step 2 will result in better results in step 1.

Tom Cruise is a pu$$y and if you believe that a 150lb lean guy is a goal, more power to ya, but you would probably find better advice and support at a differnt forum than one geared towards bodybuilding.



Thank you so much for posting that picture. I could have gone forever without seeing another picture of him. Now I'll have to go run over a skunk and a few armadillos to get that picture out of my mind... :wink:



He's going to do whatever he wants regardless of our advice. I was just answering his question on how to get that seperation.


He'll do whatever he wants if you simply tell him what he wants to hear. He'll do whatever he wants if no one ever challenges him on what he believes.