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Inline Speed Skating


I'm thinking when I finally get the 180 lb mark (within 2 months hopefully) I'll have to bring back in some cardio which right now I've pretty much stopped entirely. Speed skating has always looked like fun so thinking about giving it a whirl. I like sprinting but its a bit too high impact on my knees so figure this will be a nice compromise.

Any of you inline speed skate? I'm looking for suggestions on a cheap (hopefully sub $300) skate that comes with the boot, wheels, bearings, everything a first timer will need. And suggestions on fitting since it seems I'll have to order it online and would hate to go back and forth with sizes.

I'll probably start with twice a week 30 minute skate sessions and slowly increase the sessions as I increase my own weight. Don't want to overdue the cardio though and wind up losing it all right back off.


Steady state cardio after is the best way to ensure that weight you take off is mostly muscle.


Dear 2010,

What does anything I asked have to do with your response?


God seriously? people like you read one article and think they have a clue.


Could you please elaborate? Was that a naive thing to say? I'm still pretty new to lifting and was under the impression that this was the general opinion of most of the tnation members.


A) Steady state cardio is used by many body builders in far better shape and more experience than you
B) Inline Speed Skating is not steady state cardio.
C) My only question was about the fitting and purchase of inline speed skates

So forgetting point A and point B, as I did in my first reply, I will once again ask you what does anything you've offered have to do with the question I asked? I don't give a fuck about your opinion on my exercises of choice, if you know something about inline speed skating feel free to speak it otherwise go away.


Sorry Enders. I misread the hell out of your original post and my response was out of line. My good friend is a speed skater. I'll send your question her way and get back to ya. Have you checked out craigslist?


It's all good just don't take everything an author says to heart. And remember some of them form cliques.