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A 17 year-old kid is going to go to jail for 10 years for getting consensual oral sex from a 15 year-old girl.
What's wrong with some of the laws in this country?


fucking pathetic...

I can't believe this shit even wound up in court...

if it's against the law, then why the hell didn't the girl end up in court too?

80% of the kids in high school should be serving ten years in prison if this law was enforced on a regular basis...

one more reason to distrust the government...


I wonder if the girl was white. That would explain a lot.


Interesting how you would say that.

When a white person commits a crime against a black person, it's considered a "hate crime", yet if a black person commits a crime against a white person, it's still just a "crime".

Look at OJ Simpson. He's a black man who killed numerous white people and got off. So what are you talking about?


This happened in Georgia. You have to be extremely naive to not believe that race still isn't a fiery issue in the deep south. Outside of the cities, the south is still very racist. Most towns still have 2 seperate proms- 1 for the whites, 1 for the blacks. If this guy had received oral sex from a white girl, a lot of people down there would be very, very pissed. Only 50 years ago he would've probably been lynched.


Because it's not a sodomy law, it's a child-molestation law. Victims of child-molestation don't have to serve jail time.

Not that I think it is a good law or that justice was served in this case. It is telling that some members of the jury are unhappy about the result.


There's more to the story (surprise):


Feb. 7, 2006 ? A wild New Year's Eve two years ago has landed a Georgia teen in prison for 10 years on charges of child molestation in a case that has state legislators reworking the strict law that put him behind bars.

Genarlow Wilson and a group of friends had the kind of bash no parent would want their teenager to attend. Crime scene investigators combing the room in a Days Inn in the small town of Douglasville, Ga., found evidence of drinking, as well as condoms and wrappers littered all over. Plus, there was a video camera.

In a portion of a tape obtained by "Primetime," Wilson, then 17 and an honor student and star athlete who was homecoming king, is seen having intercourse with a 17-year-old girl, who was seen earlier on the bathroom floor. During the sex act, she appears to be sleepy or intoxicated but never asks Wilson to stop. Later on in the tape, she is seen being pulled off the bed.

Other portions of the tape show a second girl, who was 15 and later said she did not drink that night. She was recorded having oral sex with several boys in succession, including Wilson.


You're insane.

MOST cities still have 2 seperate proms? MOST? Hell no they don't. There are a few towns in the southeast that do, but even a few of those are held by minority students who don't want to spend their prom night watching rednecks line dance to the country music. Who can blame them?


Two years ago. What the fuck. She's legal now.


This has no bearing on his sentence; the jury found that the 17 year old girl had consensual sex with him.


sounds like the fifteen year old girl molested several underage young men with her mouth...

so why isn't she serving time for molesting the underage boys? is it because she's white? or is it just because of the typical double standard against males in our fucked up society?



It shows he wasn't the boyscout the original article posted. The bottom line is that the 15 year old couldn't consent by definition, because she was under the age of consent.


If the girl was Black, you think the jury would have found she was OVER the age of consent when this happened?


I'm not sure if anyone should care if he's a boyscout or not; I'm not sure how you can even try a 17 year-old as a sex-offender. A person who's not even old enough to vote shouldn't get put away for 10 years for a consensual blowjob from someone two years younger than he is.


This is fucked up.

In the priest molestation thread I made the point that having sex with a 14 year old is not the same as abusing a 6 year old yet our terminology does not seem to allow for the difference.


A new story popped up on ESPN.com today. Check it out

Fucking unbelievable. Who would have thought racism was so bad in Georgia that the justice system would rather ruin a young man's LIFE than fix an old law? What's ironic is after he was given a 10 year sentence, the law under which he was found guilty changed.


did you read the ESPN article? It mentions at the same time a white female schoolteacher was on trial for sex with a minor and got literally a slap on the wrist.


He could have fucked the 15 year old, but instead get a BJ and 10 years?

Laws created by self righteous Puritans.


Can somebody tell me if this story happened in Iran or Afganistan? I'm not sure which one...
Sorry my english is bad, my reading skill is not that good.