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I was playig rugby on saturday, and when the game was over, I had a pain on the inside of my arm, near the elbow joint, on the side nearer the hand. I’m pretty sure it’s an impact injury from tackling during the game (no-one else would). My left hand wasn’t ‘fully operational’ when i had the pain, as if it was a nervous problem hindering the movement in my hand. And the pain was a sharp one, not a constant pain. Anyway, the pain went away, so I thought i was ok, until yesterday when I was bench pressing. The pain was in the same place, and sharp, like before.

Any ideas what this could be? And how long should I rest it? I’m avoiding rugby practice today, and might skip my upper back routine becasue of it.

You skipping practice, but you might still lift? Your priorities are ass-backwards.

I’m doing upper back on friday, if possible. My practice was today, but I assumed I’d cause a bigger problem if I went.

I play rugby too, and have had the same injury while playing various positions. What position were you at saturday.

I started at left wing in the first half, but didn’t touch the ball as our pack lost almost every ruck and maul, which was damn frustrating. Then I was moved to outside centre, where most of the tackling occurred.

Hmmmm…I get that kinda pain when I play lock (normally flanker) and bind onto the other lock in scrums, as we turn outward it feels a little like my elbow’s getting hyperextended. I’ve also tried to tackle a man bigger than I, and pulled him down so that he’s landing face-down, and I’m sideways next to him landing on my shoulder and my arms are under him. If a man fell on you with his weight falling on that spot, that would be sure cause that sharp pain. I’ve felt that while benching too. It took 3 days to go away and I couldn’t lift (my grip was shot), but I was okay to practice. Hope that helps