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Age: 22, 6’3" 230 lbs --> bulked to this, however ate too much fat at night( protein shake had 90 g of fat), so cutting to 210(?) lbs


deadlifted 8x4 by The Shotgun Method, except I started off with 315x3 instead of 280x3(next increment from last DL session). I’ve DL’ed 315x5 before for 2 sets before.

I must say that my goal during all training sessions is proper form. I believe that my DL form was good ( I checked it with Arnold’s Enycyclopedia of Lifting, The New Rules of Lifting, and Muscle Revolution).

Anyway, my back was a bit more sore on Thursday and Friday, but I figured it was from my more intense work on Monday.

I did my assistance work on Friday instead of Thursday, then golfed on Saturday. I don’t know if I injured it golfing, but I lifted again today on Sunday. After my DB bench press 6x4, I did cable pulls 6x4. After my fourth set on a 80% 1RM weight, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, so I stopped.

I haven’t been injured in 9+ months, so I figured it was just be short-lived. Anyway, the pain continued, so I left the gym without finishing my squats (upsetting, yes).

I’m going to reevaluate my deadlift form, and I’m not entirely sure if I lifted too much as I’ve lifted 315 lbs before.

I just got home, took a hot shower, and am applying a heating pad to it. Please give me advice regarding this injury (likely causes) and recovery.

As I sat down, considering whether to try squats, but I was hit by what Arnold said, to the effect, that bodybuilders must have the discipline to avoid exercise that stresses the area( in my case, lower back) even though it’s frustrating not to lift, lose some conditioning.

Let yourself rest.