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Injury While Squatting


I was squatting with my friend tonight when he got a pain by his lower abdomen on the left side and he can only describe it as a very hot feeling which happened very quickly.

He has decent form and was using 225, our 1st real set after a warmup with 135 and 185.

I make sure he streches thoroughly before we do anything so we dont get any injuries, i was in tae kwon do for 4 years in highschool so i know good strech technique.

Im just wondering if anyone knows what this is and if its just temporary, he is shitting his pants right now thinking he has a hernia


Go to a doctor, not an internet forum



man, an abdominal injury isn't for being playing (actually no injury is), It could have been more than a muscular pain, so go to the doctor ASAP.


He isnt complaining about pain just a intense heat in that area


jesus, just go to the doctor, heat in the area cold be only due to some inflamation or something as bad as a vein rupture (internal bleeding) wich is a big deal

My .02


If it was a hernia guy would be in sever crippling pain as my friend has hand to endure two hernias. Barely got one meshed last year.

Yet I would call a doc. Could be something minute or indication of something worse.