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Injury While Doing Heavy Preachers

Very nervous about what happened as I was doing sets of heavy preachers with an EZ bar. During my second set as I lowered the weight I felt a pop in what I think was the top of my forearm. I immediately stopped lifting, got ice and took 2 aspirin. Hoping it is not a biceps injury just a tendon strain. Anyone have any experience with this or any advice? it is mildly uncomfortable when i extend my arm fully.

thanks in advance for advice.

get that checked out dude…

went to the doctor today and had an MRI. believe it is a partially torn bicep tendon (not fully torn as i passed the “hook test”). i’ve seen people have this injury on this forum before, but i was hoping to get the latest info on it if anyone had recent experience with it. much appreciated in advance, really nervous about the whole thing.

wait for the diagnosis, then asses treatment properly. For now, keep all loads off of it, keep walking/elliptical if ya can to keep blood flow active. I would ice if i were you, but thats just me, i know others say not to .