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Injury, What Did I Do?

Trying to keep this short…
Brief background:

Same thing happened about 2 years ago in ABC (junior year in high school).
Coach told me to take it easy on doing deadlifts after this incident. He also didn’t know what the fuck I did or injured. Let me explain…

In ABC I was showing off to my friends and tried deadlifting like 300lbs when I weighed about 165lbs. Trust me, I wasn’t that strong. But I managed to pull it off with a slight consequence. While pulling up the 2nd rep I literally felt a “pop” near my bladder, a little up and to the right (from my point of view). Literally… like something fuckin bursted inside myself. It hurt like a muda fucka and I played it off like I was cool but I had to lay down for a long while… about the rest of the class. Hurt every day there out for over 2 or so months

Here’s a visual for the injury.

A little northwest of my vahg (2" down from belly button & 3-4" to my right)

errr… I’m fuckin noob at this shit don’t know how to put pics in here. Neways see attach

Anyways… it hurt again today. I just got back into the gym in these last few months and I did some squats today (8-rep work sets). Same thing without the “pop”. It just felt like something was about to burst, and again it hurt like a muda (still hurting a bit as I type).

Any comments? Know what I did? Should I see a doctor? Should I ask someplace else? Quit being a little pussy bitch and just squat it off?
Anything appreciated… thx



Have you seen a doctor and told him what you told us?

He will be able to give you much better advice. In the mean time, don’t squat and don’t do exercises that hurt until you have been checked out by a DOCTOR! A real doctor, not the internet doctors!

Kinda sounds like a hernia.

From the position that you are indicating and the symptoms I would say you could possibly have a hernia. That is where the some sort of organ, tissue or structure pops out through the muscle because of some stressed placed upon it. From the position I would say it could be some of ur intestines coming through ur stomach muscles. Ouch!

Men are very susceptible to getting hernias in there stomach. I can not be sure that this is what you have, but I would definitely go to a doctor ASAP. If it isnt hernia, u’ll be very lucky. But if it is hernia and u dont do something ASAP you could really harm urself.

eek… dad had that while back. Ugly shit. Yeah I’ll see a doctor ASAP

Sounds/looks exactly like a hernia. Usually easy to fix, go see a doc.

I’m gonna say hernia too!! (have you seen a doc yet??)

No, I should have seen a doctor 2 years ago. I always had very very mild pain when lifting stuff after that incident but I never thought about it much. Now that this happened, it’s still hurting today. I hope it’s just an easy fix and won’t make me bruised all the way down my groin like my dad was… and hopefully be back lifting soon.
Scheduled to see him Friday mornin.

could also be a torn/pulled muscle in that area.

I tore a muscle their and it hurt like a bitch and took forever to heal. If it is a muscle tear once it heals focus on flexability of your hip flexors and also strengthening your glutes

“In ABC I was showing off to my friends and tried deadlifting like 300lbs when I weighed about 165lbs. Trust me, I wasn’t that strong.”

Am I the only one who is rubbed the wrong way by this statement just a tad?
Keep in mind, somewhere in China, a little girl is warming up with your max. :wink:

I’ll just ask this question in this thread:Does core strength/hypertrophy decrease hernia risk?

Yes, see a doctor! And how unfortunate that this is one of the more difficult areas to stretch.

No need to be a bitch bro. But you do bring up a good point, as I was just inputing estimated numbers in there. If you want exact Junior year I was wrestling in the 140s, so I weighed from 140-142. Secondly, now that you got me thinking, I’d normally deadlift w/ 3x 45s on each side, 45x6+45=315lbs. The day I was “showing off” I added an extra 45 to each side. So sorry if I don’t meet your standards deadlifting 405lbs @ 140. Even if that’s not much in deadlifting terms it was enough to fuck me up…

As for the doctor, I got it checked out this morning and it is in fact a hernia. I don’t need this shit… :frowning:

[quote]muscleshark wrote:
I’ll just ask this question in this thread:Does core strength/hypertrophy decrease hernia risk?[/quote]

I think it would increase the amount of stress you can place on the abdominal cavity, but if you are a risk taker or like pulling stunts in the weightrom, no. You will get injured over reaching anyways. It will just enable you to get hurt with more.