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Injury, Upper Body Only?

Hey everyone,

After dislocating my left knee last week, and doing extensive ligament damage it looks like I won’t be able to train my lower body for quite a while.

My question is, how can I find a program that is just suited to upper body? - as I would like to continue to go to the gym while I am in rehabilitation.

Some of my own thoughts were that I could just do TBT, but with 6 exercises per workout and usually 3 of them lower body - a 3 exercise workout just doesn’t seem worth it.

OR could I do a split like the "Shut up program and just miss the leg day?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Did somebody say upper body only? You’ll have to modify any program you find, but it can be done. Although, I have not blogged workouts for several months, check my profile for the split i WAS doing.

After I stopped blogging workouts, I tried TBT but it really didn’t work for me. Just this week, I started a Westside type program. I’ll start logging in the Westside thread after I swallow my pride :wink:

Mon - shoulder prehab,ME Bench, low rows
Thurs - shoulder prehab, DE Bench, pullovers
Sat - Support/accessory work (mainly shoulder presses and back)

Some other possibilities:

TBT - twice a week (3 if you don’t overtrain)

Split (2-3 days a week)- I usually split days into (Chest/back/shoulder)

You could split 2 days a week and TBT on a third day.

If you are on crutches, be careful about the affects it can have on your shoulder joints. You could wind up with some discomfort or shoulder issues you’ve not seen before.

Good luck and keep us informed.

I’d do a bodypart split. The Shut Up Program minus the leg day would work. You might even be able to train more often now because leg days are so demanding.

A quickly thrown together example:
Day One: Chest/Tris
Day Two: Back
Day Three: off
Day Four: Shoulders/Bis
Day Five: off

Any split should work, you can even go to the gym and train the muscle(s) that feel rested. There’s many possibilities so I’ll stop here. Just make sure you train your rotator cuffs.

Exact same thing happened with me when I had knee surgery. Here’s some of what I learned.

If you’re in a gym on crutches - be careful! It’s common for people not to give you a wide enough berth and to have your sticks hit. Also, navigating a cluttered floor can be … um … interesting.

Also, your shoulders are recruited in some way for just about every upper body exercise. Just be aware of that and realize that between your workouts and the crutches, you’re putting a lot of stress on them.

Good luck!