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Injury Recovery

What’s a good way to help your body recover from injuries, hot/cold showers, heating pad, sauna?

I’ve been trying to put on some mass so I’m doing low rep (6-4) deads, squats, bench, etc… It just seems like I’ve always got strains in my back, knees, & neck, that are not related to the muscle tissue (ya know, the “good” kind of pain).

Lately I feel like and 80 year old man when I’m trying to get outta bed in the morning. Are these injuries just part of paying your dues for lifting heavy?


I’m a little past 50, so yeah, I have many “minor” bumps and bruises. I congratulate you for going heavy. I too lift heavy and also do some speed lifting as well, which joints do not love. I think these things work, at least ameliorate a little, the joint inflammation:
-warm up with 2 sets of 50% 1RM, 12 reps
-ice joints if painful
-Omega 3s
-Vit. C
-Zyfamend - natural Cox2 inhibitor
-ART manipulation
-pineapple enzyme - for the love of God, I forgot its name