Injury Recovery- New Split Needed!

Need some thoughts here guys. After injuring my leg a while back, I’ve been unable to train and have taken some time off. I’m getting back to the gym now, but my doctor has advised me to avoid lifting with my legs, so for the time-being leg day is out. Problem is, I still wanna workout 4 days a week- can anybody help me out with a good split??
Could I do something like…

Chest + Tri’s

Back + Bi’s

Shoulders + Traps

Chest + Back

Only reason I suggest a split like this is because I really need to add mass to my chest and back… (and, admittedly, everywhere else…) I really don’t want to work out less than 4 days a week, so need some good advice!

Do a push/pull split twice a week.

I’m sure there are some leg exercises you can do. Work every part of the leg that you can while avoiding the specific part you injured. This is called “surrounding the dragon”. Sort of like this: Surrounding the Dragon - YouTube