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Injury Recovery Log

i just recently came out a of serious surgery which almost took away my future playing career in any sports or lifting. luckily the surgery went well but the slow tedious recovery has really started pissing me off, i would love more then anything to train until i puke and then train some more but i cant.

i decided to make my log just to get into the habit of it again, and for some kind of hope well not hope but a way to keep track of progress so i feel like im going somewhere and a way to keep going at it .


anyway saw the phys therapist today, cant really do anything right now but stationary bike and ive been sick so i havent been able to that

but il being doing some static stretching and biking tommoro

also getting back into the habit of clean eating, luckily i havent become fat due to my teenage metabolism

so ill post my diet up to starting tommoro

sickness is finally starting to clear up actually had semi solid shit for like the first time in 4 days

so neway

meal 1
oats nd milk 3 eggs

like 450 cals or so

meal 2
pb sandwich and more milk

400 cals

meal 3

steak pasta(whole wheat) and veggies

450 cals
meal 4

chicken breast and nutss
meal 5

beef stir fry stuff

350 cals

meal 6
this is where i brokedown dammit

hella v day candy

400 cals lol

im fairly confident that il do fine tommoro tho seeing as ive been basically living in the house all week(easier to get fat ass food)

biked for around 15 minutes today low resistance …knee felt really good im happy about that

lots of static stretches too

almost 3 times today ive stretched

it went

static hip flexor stretch

all were held for 1 minute and done 4 times during the sessions

had a bit of trouble with the quad stretches …but nothing compared with yesterday

finally get to go back to scool tomoro haha

changed my mind about posting the diet up, decided to get my knee together before that ill stay clean tho

anyway knee felt amazing today actually jogged a little

juggled alot actually and it didnt really seem to bother me at all

i have iced and heated considerably less today too only once or twice

same stretches