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Injury question for the experts

I recently suffered a mild injury that I can’t seem to shake. I have a nagging pain in the crook of my left elbow…I seemed to aggravate it when I was doing reverse curls. It is especially painful when I rotate my hand clockwise just like that stretch in the Ian King “Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching” article, or if my biceps is in a stretched position like the bottom portion of an incline dumbbell curl. Tendonitis, maybe? It happened to me once before about a year ago, again while performing reverse curls, but eventually went away. Any suggestions for treatment in terms of supplements (glucosamine/chondroitin, wobenzym, etc) or therapy? I need to get rid of this. Thanks for any assistance!

Damn!! The only topic I can really relate to and keen to see an answer for and there’s nothing! I too have the same (and only) serious injury that has me dreading bicep or back training - so if you get some good advice, please let me know?


This may sound redundant if you have been reading injury related posts, but I experienced the same exact thing about 6 months ago. Guess what worked? Yep, A.R.T., 3 sessions and I was pain free and strong. Apparantly I had some fiber fusion in my brachioradialis and brachialis. I am not a fan of glucosamine, but I do like MSM, 1000mg 3x/day worked well for my situation.

I have to assume that you are talking about your left elbow. The first treatment that you should follow is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE).
Get to a Sport Medicine Doctor as some as you can. It sounds like you are re-injuring the area. Can you discribe the first time you injured it.

Best of Luck.

It’s not actually in my elbow, but it sounds exactly like what Marc M. is talking about, the brachioradialis. I didn’t suddenly injure it on a given rep or anything, but more like I woke up the next day and started feeling some tenderness.

I may be SOL as far as Active Release goes as I don’t think there are any practitioners in Nebraska.

I am not crazy about trying glucosamine due to the whole insulin resistance thing, but MSM sounds good. I know I need to rest it for a week or so. I did see a topical cream that had MSM and that Blue stuff…would this be of any benefit?

Honestly, I am not familiar with the transdermal pharmacology of MSM, but ancedotaly speaking, I have perscribed MSM/DMSO/Aloe Vera home-brews for topical application with success. Not sure of the “Blue” you speak of. If you can’t find ART, call around some massage therapists and ask if they can do Neuromuscular Massage, the next best thing which is more commonly found. And when you go in, tell them to get their damn ART cert.