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Injury Prone, Can't Lift Heavy. Routine?

Hello everybody,

First, excuse me if my english isn’t perfect, as I am from Paris…

Here is the background : I have a genetic problem - weakness on shoulders. They are very prone to injury (chronical tendinitis).

Let’s be clear : I cannot lift heavy when shoulders are involved : bench press, incline press, overhead press, etc…

I tried recently Starting Strength starting very low on weights however when my press reached 95 lbs I blasted my shoulders (totally, and with good form).

As a picture, even when back squatting, I can hurt my shoulders when grabbing the bar.

However, I have skinny fat genetics. I am 165 lbs and 5’9, and every time I tried a bulk it ended by gaining 20% muscle 80% fat (around the belly…). However I want to be more muscular. I know I will never be a huge strong guy.

I read Anthony Mychal articles about the skinny fat and I think it is interesting.

However I won’t be able to lift heavy. I have been lifting for 3 years and I know it is impossible for me to lift very heavy. Progression is very slow.

So what would be my best shot ? Aim for high reps ? Aim for low rest time ? Aim for explosivity ?

I want to gain muscle, definition, and athletic performance (I am a basketball player aside).

Is anyone in the same case ?

this is kinda fucked. You cant bulk if you cant lift, do what you can without getting injured but u must be really fucked to not be able to lift 95lbs without getting hurt. It honestly sounds like ur super weak as fuck and should be lifting. how do you play bball even remotely with effort without getting hurt on the court?