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Injury Prevention

I am 2 years off my last cycle due to a torn elbow tendon. I was told it was due to my muscles growing too fast and outpacing the support. I would like comments on that theory and if I should proceed differently on my next cycle. Namely, not hit the Test right away but start slower with Primo or another. TIA

I’m guessing one of two things here…

  1. You haven’t lifted very long without drugs.


  1. Your muscles are unusually strong and you are a “responder” that doesn’t even needs drugs.

Either way drugs won’t benefit you at this point in your development. You probably need to focus on lifting without them for 3-5 years.

Let me know if I’m totally off base here, but I base this guess off of a guy I knew who ONLY lifted when he had roids. He got pretty big but one day he broke his arm while arm-wrestling. There is no way that would have happened to someone that lifted consistently without drugs and had a solid base.

I’m not advocating abstinence from AAS I’m advocating lifting hard for a long time before starting AAS.

Thanks for the reply. You are right and wrong. I had lifted hard before my first of 2 cycles and the injury. This time I have not been at it as hard partly from fear of another injury, I had a hernia repair also. I have had 3 hernias and should be good in the mid-area from here on but the elbow worries me.

I have stayed in excellant shape but just not pushed it yet. I am debating just doing a primo/winny cycle and not push the size issue. I have good size but could use the cuts.

I’ve heard that var is good for strengthening tendons, can anyone confirm this?

If it is, would it be possible to do a var cycle combined with a training program focused on building up strength in the tendons in order to prevent future tendon problems?

The idea being to first build the tendon strength thus preparing them to handle heavy lifting in the future. Or is the var unnecessary and the tendon strengthening program would work just as well without it?

Its more common to find muscle or tendon tears and injuries among gear heads who follow more of the traditional bodybuilding type training. It is true that if the muscles swell and grow with reciprocal growth and strengthening of the tendons you increase the likelihood of injury.

That’s one of many reasons I am a huge proponents of Westside type training. Lifting above 90% of one’s max is the best way to strengthen tendons, ligaments and the like.

Bottom Line to prevent injuries don’t lighten your load increase it.


Anybody got any other thoughts on using var to strengthen tendons. Not really that concerned about putting on mass, would just like to strengthen up my weak-ass tendons so they can handle a normal weight training program.

I’ve been out for a couple of months letting the tendinitis settle and now its all but disappeared but really don’t want it coming back. When I resume I plan on performing eccentric loading exercises which should strengthen the tendons but would the addition of a mild dose of var help?

I’ve heard var is good for tendons in that collagen synthesis post thats on all the bb forums but is that just bb myth (there are no real references) or is there any credence to it?

Any more input much appreciated. bushidobadboy or anybody else?

I’ve never heard that about var, but I have heard it about deca. My best advice is to train hard without any gear to strengthen your tendons. They will get stronger without gear and its probably the safer option. Fish oil may help too.

Sorry to hijack the threat to something else, but…

In pubmed, I found, “Platelet rich plasma (PRP) enhances anabolic gene expression patterns in flexor digitorum superficialis tendons.” Ask you doc about protocols for your tendon issue.

for background: www.tendinosis.org/future.html

basically, they draw blood from you, spin it and inject the supernatant (all the good good stuff like hormones that float on top) into the site of injury. This gives your injury a nice concentrated bolus dose of growth factors that you don’t normally see in circulating blood. You do this on a regular basis and you cut healing time, big time.

a local soccer player here in madison got injured and people were literally mourning since his sport career was over, but he got this treatment, recovered and is playing again! not bad.

good luck man.

sorry, hijack over.


What did you take again? I scoured the web for info when I tore my rotator cuff in Jan of this year. There was a lot of talk about winny making tendons brittle and to stay away from it.Apparently the tendon fibers run parallel with each other, but there are also fibers that run perpendicular to those parallel strands (although much smaller in number).

Those perp strands add cross-connecting strength to bands of fibers when they stretch, a key component to the overall strength of the tendon while under a load- mostly because of the elastic characteristics of the tissue.When those break, tendons can tear under a submaximalload because the tendon cannot spread that load across all fiber strands as effectively.

They also said that was what Barry Bonds was taking when he had elbow problems(and surgery). Ruined it with winny, healed it with growth. Not sure if you took Winny before the injury, but I wouldnt take it now.

Yes, I was on Winny. I thought it might be a problem so my new cycle will not include Winny. Thanks for the reply.

In my experience Deca has worked pretty good with the tendons and joints. One other thing to keep in mind is the importance of stretching. This can help alleviate some of the pain and help with blood circulation.